Monday, March 12, 2012

Finally...Baby Hughie fix

Welcome Hugh Robert!
7 lbs 14 oz

20 3/4 inches
5:53 pm

It has been a whirlwind of a month.  I know it because my texts have almost ran out.  Luckily, on Monday (today) they reload and I am all set to get back to communicating with my sister without as much paranoia that I am going to exceed my limit.  I didn't text back in 2009 when her first little was born.  Good thing because when Eli was born there would have been some definite exceeding of our texting parameters. 

There are moments in your life.  Moments when you realize big things.  When you witness remarkable moments that you might have wished had happened differently, but then again, you realize once they have passed that incredible things happened within those moments and lives were changed and anything different wouldn't have put you where you are today. 

My sister had her first back in June of 2009.  And boy was he a joy.  Rocky start.  Had us all worried.  But it was June 19th, 2009, that I witnessed amazing things.  My sister became a mother but more than that - I watched her grow up within minutes.  We didn't talk much those 16 days when she mama'ed her little miracle in the nicu.  But man alive, I know she knows I was there in spirit.  I buzzed down there lickety split, even though I couldn't hold the little "moose" as his Papa refers to him.  But I got to see him.  And I got to see my sister.  And just typing that brings tears to my eyes. 

The days leading up to number 2's arrival were spent sitting on pins and needles. We couldn't wait to meet baby. We didn't know if he was going to be a he or she. But mostly, we all just wanted to know that everything would be okay, right from the start. My mom and I really really prayed that baby could sleep in their room and they could head home after the normal 2 night stay. And blessed we are. We got our wish. 
On February 19th, 2011 she once again became a mama to a new little "moose".  And this little guy, Hugh Robert, might just live up to the nickname "moose" because he is a champ at eating and is growing like a weed.  Sadly, his Aunt Sarah is worried about this since I haven't gotten to hold him and I don't want him to be too big too fast. 

Now my sister is the mama of two.  She has been going at it for a couple weeks now.  And she is a pro.  She has always seemed to be in awe of how I manage my three day in and day out.  And she was worried about her transition to two.  And everyone told her she would be great.  And I knew the illusion that had her in awe of my success with three would be revealed. 

She of course would have her ups and downs and it can take a year before kinks are worked out ...maybe even longer.  But her awareness that she wanted to succeed at being a mama to her two miracles only proves what a great mama she already is.  She has had MANY, maybe even too many, really great days home with her crew.  And she has also had some moments where she isn't so sure of herself.  And that is what makes motherhood exciting, right?  If every moment was smooth sailing then we wouldn't be able to push back those shoulders and walk proudly out of the library tooting our horn.  The appreciation for the good days would be lacking.

This time around I didn't get to buzz down and see her and baby Hughie.  Life is more complicated these days with three children, school schedules, sick kids, and the list goes on.  But technology has made not being there in person somewhat bearable.  If you have an iPhone or ipad you know that Facetime is a gift.  PURE and SIMPLE.  Dial up those that you love and prop that baby up and you can have dinner together.  Not totally the same as passing the peas or potatoes, but you feel like you are right there.  We chat with Eli almost every day.  And it makes it feel like we don't have to go months without seeing him. 

My point, when my sister was in labor I got to chat face to face with her in the hospital.  And when Hughie was only hours old I got to "virtually" stand over him and be right there.  So no, haven't held him.  I haven't gotten to snap my own pictures.  And for some reason all the pictures I have taken from friends and my sister flip funny when I transfer them to my blog...except that one up top, which I think is my latest favorite.  And then there are these two that are just plain amazing. 

The date to meet Mr. Hughie the Moose will be set this week.  And the countdown will begin.  And then this Aunt can get her baby fix and see her sister in action with the big question we do a big outing with our five kids to the Zoo or do we just relax in Grandma's living room?  hmmmmm....Boy oh boy!  I can't wait.  Until then - the Facetime, texting, emailing, and phone calls can resume full force. 



jessica said...

Hugh = Adorable! I want to snuggle him!

It won't be long and you will be!

Raina and Andy said...

Thanks for posting this. So special. I love this little man and can't wait for you to meet him. Your words mean so much-soooo much. Rr


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