Monday, February 27, 2012

prayers and patience.

As I left to go to the gym this morning Miss Syd was starting to fuss. She is not feeling 100%...Ed said go. So I went. But that mama gut feeling that kicks in told me to leave the class 15 minutes early. And I was right. Syd was fussy and Ed hadn't showered. So I made the right call and got home with plenty of time for him to get ready for work calmly.

Today is a big day. My normal mama worries...
.... of Sydney being sick and whether I am going to do anything but sit on the couch and try and keep her from whining and crying. And whether trekking to the doctor is just exposing us to more germs or if it will ease my weary mind.
....of rescheduling a hair appointment that I desperately need before next week around sick kids and snow storms.
....of replenishing the milk and bread so we are set in case we do get the 12 inches of snow they predict.
.... of regretting my actions this weekend of declining the boys in a game of Sorry when they requested. It is weighing heavy that they begged and I wasn't in the mood. Today I realize that in not too many years I will be the one begging for a simple game of Sorry to fill my mama cup up. So tonight, I will fill their cup and mine with a good game of Sorry before bedtime.

These worries are nothing today.

  Rather, my worries, thoughts, and prayers are on Ed and his family and the happenings they are dealing with today. My worries are on the fact that my parents left for Mexico yesterday in the early early morning and we haven't heard from them (and everyone knows that Mexico isn't a great place to visit these days.) My worries are on Ed being on the road when there is snow and reasons to draw him north and south and here and there.

It is the big stuff that is making the little stuff seem a bit overwhelming. And even though I know Ed's dad will be just fine. And my parents are probably too busy sipping a pina colada to worry about contact. And Syd just has a cold and she will nap, eventually. The bread and butter worries of today have me realizing that sometimes you let go of the to do list and just snuggle on the couch, call your sister for chats, and find grace in the many amazing things in this world...medical solutions, airplanes that jet you off to warm places, and the ability to just be home snuggling a runny nosed little.

Positive thinking.
Today all those in my head and heart will thrive.


jessica said...

Well said Sarah. Sending patience and prayers!

April Kaiser said...

Take it easy today, hope it all goes well!

The Tompkins Family said...

Oh, you put my thoughts so perfectly into words. Why is it so hard to let go and just BE?

Raina and Andy said...

Prayers from Milwaukee....


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