Thursday, February 9, 2012

quick thoughts to start my day...

Cinnamon rolls are how we roll this morning.
Frosting smiles, sugar highs, with a latte side for mama...Thursday mornings like this deserve a treat.

Crabby moments happen when Sydney finds it funny to throw her hard boiled egg all over the kitchen floor laughing...and as I pick it up she is giving me the bonus of smooshed strawberries...possibly one lands in my hair and I have to sit pause and breathe and then maybe laugh- inside of course- because Miss Syd knows NO and we are working on this.

Sparkle Stories are saving me these nights. The boys are so excited to hear the stories and that means it is quiet by 7:30 in our house. Go here to enter to win some Sparkle Stories.  More than 20 people have entered.  woo hoo! 

Ipad app that has me so distracted...doodle finds. Annoying but has you wanting to play one more time. Because, one more time means you will beat your Brother in Law Andy's score.

How to Live on the edge as a stay at home your kids to school with no bra on, in your pjs, not showered, not brushing your teeth, or combing my hair. . Woo hoo! Better drive the speed limit. Really chance it by whipping through the Starbucks drive thru lane.

Celebrate your victory by taking a long hot shower once boys are at school and little sis is down for a nap. We'll see.

More blogging to come.


The Tompkins Family said...

Cinnamon rolls sound like a divine start to the morning. I have some Pioneer Woman ones in the freezer...must take them out for tomorrow or Saturday morning!

katie mattis sarver said...

That whole platter of cinnamon rolls has somehow dwindled down to the last row by the end of this week at our house!


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