Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hitting the slopes...

Daddy's Super Hero cape got some snow action.
He took his TWO boys to the ski hill on Sunday.
Here are the three of them going up on the lift.

They spent almost the entire day at the hill.
When I popped over to see them in action I think about the future.
I know that right now it is a lot of work for Ed.
They stayed on the bunny hill most of the day because that is where Henry needs to be.

But in the not too distant future Ed will have two boys who will hit the slopes with him.
And that is a pretty exciting thing.
I get a little jealous watching the fun and adventure that they have.
I sometimes get caught up in the day to day mothering...and I see Ed's interactions with the kids as sometimes less about the daily grind but more about the moments. 

Moments that are so thrilling.
Moments that bring being a daddy to the next level.
And though I wouldn't give up the day to day grind with the kiddos,
I hope to find some hobbies and little adventures to just plain enjoy with the kids.

Henry is ready for an official ski helmet.
And our big puzzler is whether the kiddo would participate independently in a lesson.
He wouldn't do the tennis lesson last summer.
It is too expensive to sign him up for this...if he isn't going to take in the full experience.
He did say many times that evening, "Hey Charley, wasn't that fun skiing with daddy?"
So, we'll see.  February is a month full of potential.

So I will now focus on getting my knee stronger so that I could take a lesson or two...
And when Sydney is ready....we can all enjoy the slopes. 
Wishful thinking...we'll just have to wait and see.



Beth said...

Skiing is one of our favorite family activities. Even though everyone surpassed my ability, I refuse to sit in the chalet! :-)

katie mattis sarver said...

Oh wow! What a fun, fun adventure and you got some wonderful photos! You will get there someday sooner than you think is my prediction!

Barb said...

So glad you guys stopped to take in the ski hill when you could. Weather is crazy here like in the 50's already. Wonderful bonding for Ed and the boys!

Danifred said...

What an awesome day and an awesome set of pictures. Love these.

shellycoulter said...

How fun! :) They look so cute in all their ski gear! :)


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