Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What's for dinner? - Soup and Pasta we love!

I am always confused about how recipe sharing works on blogs.  I mean, I could post a recipe making it looked like I had created this masterpiece in my kitchen.  When really, recipes just seem to evolve and change a tiny bit but many are very similar from cookbook to cookbook or cooking blog to cooking blog.  So for Christmas I got the Best Bites Cookbook.  All of the recipes are online and someone asked me if this bugged me...and my thing is...I like cookbooks.  I like being able to open it on my counter, mark it up, spill on it, and ponder it without technology.  So I LOVE it.  I also love that when at Target if I forget the recipe I can bring up the recipes online.  The cookbook has a feature that shares a rollover ingredient for the pasta recipe...cream cheese is the roll over ingredient.  So I can look in the index for other recipes that would use up the cream cheese.  What a great feature.  Anyways, these two recipes have been great for us this week. 

But we have also enjoyed the Overnight Sausage and Egg bake.

So here are my thoughts on two of the recipes I tried this week.

Baked Chicken, Artichoke and Bacon Penne
Ed said three times last night that dinner was great...and he ate later than us ...reheated.  I also enjoyed this dish and so did Charley - he gobbled.  The alfredo sauce is interesting and my cookbook actually talks about being able to freeze it.  It does require a blender and mine is broken so I used my food processor and that was a tad messy.  This was a great meal!  And boy does it sound fancy when you tell people you made Bacon Artichoke Chicken Pasta! 

Baked Potato Soup
This was delicious and yummy. EVERYONE liked it. Henry isn't a big soup eater so he only had a tiny bit. But Charley shovelled it like a champ.


Heather (One Take On Life) said...

That soup looks so good. Might have to make that soon.

jessica said...

I second what Heather said, that soup looks good! Any leftovers? :)


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