Thursday, January 19, 2012

Yesterday morning the boys got all their stuff done and had time to watch a little cartoon.  Arthur was on and they were up for that one.  I had to pause because I heard one of the girl characters say, "I'm going to put that on my blog."  So I sat for a bit and listened.  The entire episode was about her blogging.  And at one point her friends said, "Your blog is getting boring.  You can't just write about what you are having for lunch."  I LOVE how cartoons these days have things like blogs mentioned in them.  SO 2012!

But I also let that comment sink in.  Because lately, I feel like I have just been blabbering on about little things going on during our days.  Nothing deep, nothing new, nothing too exciting.  So I am going to try and find the motivation to push myself to come up with some new things to ponder and reflect on. 

Cooking around here has been an afterthought.  We have been eating way too many hot dogs, frozen pizza, and pasta with red recipes should be coming soon too.  I NEED to make more of an effort. 

Henry and I have been spending time together working on letters and numbers.  I just need to pull out my camera and capture the activity so I could share it.  I just sometimes, get wrapped up in giving him my attention that I don't think of it until it is over. 

This weeks goals are going well.  More realistic.  Already accomplishing lots.  I could share those.

The boys MUST DO lists are starting to become more of a habit.  Henry completed his first 20 smile stickers.  And he chose his reward.  I should share what that all looks like. 

But I am going to plan on attacking this all next week.  After Miss Syd turns 1.  When I am coming down off the sugar high from her spectacular cake.  When I am in a state of sadness from family leaving.  When I am in the state of shock that I now have a 1 year old, 4 year old, and 7 year old.  And I will never have a teeny tiny one again.  This is sure to spur some deep thoughts.  Wouldn't ya say. 

So for today...I will once again leave you with some ordinary moments going on here...that actually can be considered extraordinary because they are slow, and cozy, and deliberate.

Henry got this game for his birthday.  This week we sat down and conquered the "Starter level".  There are four levels of difficulty.  Henry whizzed through the "starter" level.  I got it because Charley was loving the Rush Hr. Jr game and this seemed kind of similar. 

Yesterday morning we wore our pjs and slippers and popped in at our friend's house to meet their new pug, Chaz.  He is amazingly adorable.  I am in love with his eyes.    Here are a few shots that I captured...but with a busy pup and a busy crawling girl..well there isn't much time to snap pictures. 

Sydney is always excited when she sees puppies and dogs...whether it is passing them while walking to school, at Grandma's house, our stuffed ones laying around the house...or this adorable little guy.

Taking time to see friends, meet new little pups,  play games with my kiddos, and snuggle my runny nosed 11 and 19/23 month year old (is that right?)...are WAY more enjoyable than making cakes, worrying about decorations, or other birthday details.  SO GLAD I ordered the cake.   I hope you find some little moments to enjoy today...inside, cozy, with a warm beverage in hand.  Brrrr...because it was -7 degrees. So my plan to hit the grocery store is on hold until Syd doesn't have to partake.  The boys haircuts will happen tomorrow too. 


jessica said...

Loved having you guys here yesterday in your pj's! We are having a super quiet day over here too! Enjoying the slowness that this cold day brings!

Anonymous said...

Snuggled up on the couch with my sleeping girl. :) No hot beverage though...she has me pinned.


Crystal said...

Oh, I love pugs - sooooo cute! It's freezing here too! The boys are going to a hockey game tonight and I'm glad I can just snuggle up with Grace and hang out. I personally like all the "normal" moments blogs, it makes me feel like I get to know someone and get a glimpse into their life. I sometimes think that the feeling that my blog post has to be meaningful and deep is a major roadblock. I blogged WAY more often when I first started my blog, when like 2 people were reading it and I didn't put any thought into it. I do love the pondering too, but never feel bad about writing about the day to day :)


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