Friday, January 20, 2012

today's MUST do list...

This young man took just a wee bit of time to get the courage to hold his little sister. 
I think we had to bribe him with chocolate.
But now, it takes every ounce of self control to give her space most moments during the day.
This BIG brother loves to snuggle and sniff and is starting to want to romp with his little Miss Syd.

Today, this young man will help me accomplish this:

-finish cleaning the guest bathroom
-bake two loaves of french bread
-make a batch of taco soup
-put together two pans of lasagna
-prep the ingredients for Sunday morning's egg bakes
-Find the birthday banner
-order balloons
-organize clothes for basketball practice, birthday party, baptism, and pinewood derby all on Saturday.
-wrap presents
-and maybe just put our feet up and play with the birthday girl just a wee bit.
-blog something a little more fun.
-wash bathmats
-fold two baskets of laundry
-wash curtain that was stained with Sydney's raspberry finger goop
-empty trash baskets in bathrooms

We have a lot of energy because outside there is some snow globe action taking place - finally.  However, I am stressed because we have both sets of Grandparents, who will soon be Sydney's Godparents, on their way here.  And wouldn't it be that our first snow storm happens today. 

So, you know what I am doing today.
What are you doing today?


Anonymous said...

Today we (I) have a bad case of cabin fever. We have one sick six year old. Yesterday it was snowy so we stayed in, now today we are inside again. Luckily we have already decided to have pizza for dinner :)
Tomorrow we have a family picture schedule, keeping our fingers crossed that sicknesses and more snow overnight don't make us reschedule.


jessica said...


Barb said...

I am packing and hoping for smooth "sailing" later today!

Anonymous said...

Looks like the weather will least over this way. I should be preparing for in-laws to visit (at least showering) but the little peanut won't nap without being held this week.


shellycoulter said...

Hope you have a great birthday weekend!

Today I totally overslept because my two little alarm clocks slept in. :) I was extra thankful for a great friend watching my littlest even though he was sick so I could do my three hour shift at the hospital. I was thankful for a loving preschool that my oldest LOVES going to on my work days. AND I was so excited to put in my two weeks notice at work! Its a tiny commitment compared to what many moms work...but I'm so excited and thankful to let it go and have all seven days of the weeks with my boys and A LOT LESS stress in our family. :)

Can't wait to see pictures of that sweet little birthday girl with frosting all over her face! :)

Meg said...

You go Sarah! Hope you have a fabulous weekend of family fun!!


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