Wednesday, January 18, 2012

ordered it...and moving on...

So I had big plans for Miss Syd's cake.
My tradition has been that I create this flub of a cake that looked great in my brain but ends up being something everyone snickers at.  And I had BIG plans for Miss Syd's smash cake. 

But I have petered out.  And today I ordered a cake.  From a really good bakery in town.
Since we have decided to throw in Syd's baptism...I felt like splurging on some great tasting cake was meant to be.  Plus I polled some family and friends and got a great many supporters that it was okay to order and rejoice in one less thing to worry about.

So I called and talked to "Lauren" and we have a three layered chocolate cake...chocolate mousse in between each layer, ready for pick up on Saturday morning. The cake will be surrounded in brightly colored sprinkles.  The top will be white with some polka dots...this picture was in my head (thanks Kristen).   And she will have her very own little smash cake that will look similar...without the sprinkles.  It is going to be yummy.  I know it. 

Sometimes, I think it is okay to let go of the tradition or the expectation that we mamas put on ourselves.  Splurging on the cake means the next three days will not be spent running back and forth for ingredients...making things that only taste so so.  And being distracted by the cake...and not savoring the last couple days of having my youngest less than 365 days old.

It is hitting me hard. 
Everyone has their moments that cause them to catch their breath as they pray that time would stop.
This one has my stomach in knots. 
This is it. 
Our baby girl will be one and it will be okay.
It won't just be okay. 
It's going to be a great day, a great celebration, and a great many years ahead watching her become more and more her own person. 

Cheers to not having to worry about a fancy schmancy cake. 
And on to figuring out the rest of the menu for the weekend.


shellycoulter said...

Good call, mama! :) Great choice!

Yay for less stress! :)

katie mattis sarver said...

Awesome choice Sarah! They have wonderful bakeries for this such reason! Enjoy!!!!

Eclipsed said...

That's what bakery's are for! Let someone else worry about the measuring and the flour and the mess. Enjoy your girl and the cake.

Heather (One Take On Life) said...

To focusing on the important things in life. Great choice and so nice not to have to stress about it, just enjoy Sydney and focus on her getting better.

Anonymous said...

Right on, Sarah! :) Enjoy your family time this weekend.

Crystal said...

Good for you - one less thing to worry about! I love the design too - super cute!


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