Friday, January 13, 2012

Links I Love

Here again are some of my favorite posts for the week.  Please know that when I post something here it is because I really liked it, really connected with it, tried it, etc.  But for sure, I think it is worth your time to click on it.  And again, if you have a favorite, must read blog, a favorite post this week, or share! 

This is amazingly beautiful.  On Gifts and Momastery

but this one of hers is hilarious.  Y,TRH (Yes, this really happened) Top three most embarrassing pediatric office visits.  .... by Momastery

and then there is this recent post that says this, "The floors in my home read like a history of our family. In that corner you might find a pile of special Cheerios and under that rug you’ll find glitter from a family Christmas project. It’s lovely, really. And since I am incapable of ordering pictures or assembling family photo albums, Craig and I just sit on the couch in the evenings, gazing from pile of floor crap to pile of floor crap, reminiscing. We find this quite special and creative. But if you are the vacuuming type, I don’t want you to feel badly. I’m just suggesting that kids grow up fast, so you might want to consider setting aside some floor memories. That’s all."  I guess I am a loving her blog these days.  I used to read it but then drifted away.  But that Carpe Diam post grabbed me back. 

OTHER blogs...

Keepin' it real.....7 tips for dealing with Mommy Anger .... by Steady Mom

On the menu this weekend....Overnight Sausage and Egg Our Best Bites


Ahhh Mom said...

Sarah, thank you so much for the email advice. I did it :)

Raina and Andy said...

loved the pediatrician visit one. that was hilarious. haha!!! i work in healthcare so i can only imagine what might have been said if those stories are really true. also-the egg bake looks delicious. i think i could make that with my gf bread and be in heaven. are you making it? i bet it makes your house smell DELICIOUS!! RR


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