Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ordinary moments...

I stepped out to catch the beauty of the sunrise and looking inside from outside --I realized that's the real beauty - my tribe at too early o'clock.

Eggs - as they should be-  different colors, different sizes, bright yellow when you scramble them...and from a friend's chickens.  What a gift.

 Moments pass and I realize I have a girl and a little purple phone to go with her.

She will turn one in about a week.
Taking in the cheesy smiles, blue eyes, and contentment putting things and taking things out of a bucket.

Our floor is smattered with little items that mean so much to the little people who play with them.
Knowing that makes me consider them less messy.


Barb said...

Great "ordinary moments" and you have once again inspired me and I am going to enjoy trying to do this on my blog today. Enjoy the smattered floors :-)

Raina and Andy said...

love the last sentence. so true!!! RR


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