Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Grace in Small things

Life is so good. And I don't take time to write down the simple little things that I am grateful for. Vowing to do this more often.
1. Syd is in bed, sleeping, and hasn't coughed yet. yippee.

2. A husband that arrived home and let me ramble on about my silly and emotional day...and then took the boys and put them to bed so I could escape to our bedroom with my laptop and a glass of wine.

3. Tombstone pizza...still my favorite frozen pizza. I remember the smell drifting up from the front desk in our residence hall building. and right now the smell is drifting in from the kitchen...because that is dinner for Ed and I tonight.

4.  iPad...Ed surprised me at Christmas and I am starting to really love it. Not that I didn't love it right away...but it is finding a place in my day. What a fun toy.  Pandora now plays throughout our lower level, Charley practices his spelling words, Henry plays games to learn his letters, Words with Friends, Blog reading...so fun.

5. Good driving conditions...seriously, the only good thing about not having any snow at this point is the excellent driving conditions...there are no other plus sides. The boys are craving outside play and the dead winter yard is not drawing them out.

6. I made chocolate chip cookies from one of those jars that people gift you with all the ingredients measured out and layered all pretty. And they turned out absolutely perfect. Go figure. There is no recipe attached. We'll enjoy them for the next couple days...and some super lucky friend or neighbor might find a few appearing at their door.

1 comment:

Danifred said...

Have you seen the Tombstone individual pizzas? They are so yummy and perfect for lunch.

I sooooo want an iPad.


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