Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Saturday continues with more fun...

On Saturday afternoon around 3pm we also had our Miss Syd baptized.  We have been pondering when to do it for a long time.  We wanted to do it "correctly" this time (meaning newborn)...both boys were almost 2..if not two.  But with family that lives farther away, making everyone travel is hard.  So when I knew that both sets of grandparents were going to be here we got it on the calendar.  So thankful they were able to fit us in to their busy Saturday Church schedule.  The boys were baptized during Sunday mass with other babies.  Miss Syd got her own ceremony and boy howdy was it special.

They didn't even turn on all the lights in the church.  We sat gathered around the priest and I felt like he spoke mostly, to the boys.  Sydney was happy and interested in everything.  She didn't cry during the water part.  She was intrigued by the priest - and he was AWESOME.  When he spoke he almost seemed to be directly talking to the boys.  Henry sat, spellbound, soaking it all in.  It was amazing to watch.  He didn't move.  His hands were clutched.  It almost made me cry.  Other people caught his intense interest too.  It was beautiful. 

We chose Sydney's grandparents to be her Godparents.  We decided with child three would could do things a little different.  We had to pick two official Godparents, Grandpa Bob and Grandma Charlie, and Grandpa Ed and Grandma Barb are honorary grandparents too. 

It was perfect that they let us schedule her baptism with less than two weeks notice.  It was perfect that all the grandparents made it here this weekend, since snow almost kept my parents away.  It was perfect that the priest was so splendid.  It was perfect that Miss Sydney was happy through the whole thing.  It was perfect that I had a dress that I had bought when she was first born and she finally got to wear it.  It was perfect that we had time to take pictures, drive home, all change into jeans, and head to the derby on time.  It all just worked out. 

Here are a few images from the experience. I wish we would have gotten a family picture, since it isn't everyday that we are dressed up a wee bit.


Jennifer said...

Awwww! Happy baptism day! Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing such a special day.

shellycoulter said...

She looks so sweet! What a special day!

Barb said...

The photo of grandma Charlie and syd is so very, very special! Glad we were there.


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