Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Start your engines....

Introducing our Scout.
This is new to our family this year.
And this weekend was our first Pinewood Derby experience.

This is Charley's car. 

This is the track.

This is Charley's car on the track.

This is Charley's car...side by side his little brother's car.  Yes, you heard me right.  They now let little siblings (girls or boys) race their cars too.  And they can even win awards.

This is Henry's car on the track.  (I will let you imagine whether he is in the lead...or not)

Charley was blessed with quite the cheering section...
Both sets of his grandparents and his family.

When they weren't cheering for Charley.
Or dreaming about the winning trophy.

They were busy being entertained by the birthday girl.

Notice Grandma Barb trying to coax a puff from Miss Syd.

Everyone held her.
Except me. 

This year the boys raced and had a blast.  There was lots of hopping up and down.
The door prizes they won were pretty exciting.
They didn't come away with any medals or trophies.
Maybe next year.

I wonder if they will let the moms build cars and race....


Evonne said...

I love the cars! Our son had his Pinewood race a few weeks ago. It's definitely an event, but it was so much fun!

Jessica said...

This is one of the reasons I want a son. I remember watching my brothers' cars at the pinewood derby with envy. Boy scouts seemed so much cooler. JG

Heather (One Take On Life) said...

So fun, can't wait for Hayden to do this in March. Very cool that Henry could partake:) And Sydney you rock those little fingers, love the picture with her eyes so wide and her fingers in her mouth. Cutie pie.

Anonymous said...

Way yo go, Charlie! Your car is awesome!


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