Monday, January 23, 2012


Our birthday party day was full.
I was worried I would be too busy in the kitchen to be present in the moments of the day.

The morning kicked off with Charley heading to basketball practice with Grandma Charlie, Daddy, and Henry.  Grandma Barb and Grandpa Bob finishing their drive.  And my mission was to make sure Miss Syd got a wee bit of a nap, since there wasn't a guaranteed afternoon snooze happening.  I relished the quiet morning before the hustle began.  I joked that it might be a day where I wore a whistle, used a clipboard, and used airplane guy signals ushering everyone to and from cars with detailed instructions on where they were heading next. 
But the amazing thing. And last night, Ed admitted this too. The day actually ended up being quite relaxed. Each adventure had time to sit and be present in the moments.

 After basketball Miss Syd appeared in her tutu and onesie. And all of us smiled.

We celebrated Miss Syd with gifts.  Lasagna lunch.  and Cake.  Things were simple.  Someone asked a while back about birthday party themes for first birthdays.  I am not a theme girl.  My nursery was never themed for my babies.  I planned to decorate so that they could grow into their room and make it fit their personality.  Birthday parties only have themes when they are older and have an opinion.  So for baby girl Syd...I went with the colors of green and pink...which kinda floppped where the cake was concerned.  And I just focused on a few small touches that made her day...hers.  The tutu, the onesie, a fun cake, and balloons.  The guests were her loved grandparents.  And it was perfect.

We pigged out on lasagna, seven layer salad, and home baked french bread... which is a great meal choice because you can make it ahead and the extra reheats perfectly or freezes nicely to be enjoyed later.

I sure would have loved to have more family and friends there, our door would have swung wide open to welcome all that love Miss Syd.  But with the winter weather, the far travel for many aunts and uncles, and the idea that simple was right this time...we kept it small. 

There really wasn't an overwhelming moment during the day for Miss Syd (or her mama).   At Christmas Miss Syd had a clingy personality and hardly went with anyone else unless I was out of sight.  Saturday, I barely got to hold the girl.  She went from grandparent to grandparent and it was lovely. 

After the birthday we headed off for a 3 pm baptism.  Our girl was surrounded by her godparents...also known as her GRANDparents.  From the baptism we went for an exciting evening of Pinewood Car racing. 

There isn't much more I can share about the "birthday" part of her day.  It was perfect.  I was present.  And that's how it should be....right?


katie mattis sarver said...

Love!!! So glad what looked on paper to be one of the craziest schedules ever, turned out to be just wonderful. Happiest of birthdays to miss syd and congratulations to one amazing mom!

The Tompkins Family said...

Okay, how awesome is her chair!!!

shellycoulter said...

Sounds like a perfect day! :) are rockin' your camera on that third shot. Love it! :)

Heather (One Take On Life) said...

Love that outfit on Sydney, she really pulls it off:) A very happy birthday to Sydney! 1st birthdays are awesome.

Anonymous said...

It's been fun watching what the first year brought your way!! Happy Birthday Sydney!! AmyK


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