Monday, January 23, 2012

the. cake.

So ordering a cake over the phone, not making it yourself, means it STILL doesn't turn out exactly like you wanted.  I had asked that if there was pink in the sprinkle mix to accent the dots on top with pink, green, and yellow.  Some how blue got written down.  Kinda disappointed since this was the year to force the pink into the theme.  (I am not a theme girl)  But it ended up matching her bib perfectly.  And it was delicious.

Henry was concerned whether she wanted us all to sing. (since he preferred we not sing to him on his fourth birthday)
We sang.

There was not a moment of hesitation.
She grabbed it with two hands right away.
But didn't know to taste it until daddy showed her.

And she liked it.
She gave MANY big cheesy smiles to all that surrounded the table.

She is into flinging her food lately.
And there was some definite flinging going on.
My off white curtains behind her are proof of her flinging skills.


And it was all good, except for the curtains....until she rubbed her head.
And then there was no question that the girl was going to hit the tub immediately following the cake experience.
She actually didn't ingest all that much.
Even though it looks like she did.

I think of all three of my kids, she did the cake up the best. 
Charley's red frosting proved to be crazy messy.
And Henry was very careful to pick off the Hen words off his cake.
But Miss Syd used two hands and dove in.

My girl,
My wish for you in life is that you dive in-
with two hands and an open heart-
ready to experience
and immerse yourself in the good all around you.
Because, life is delicous.

Happy Birthday, Miss Sydney.


The Tompkins Family said...

The icing looks delicious!

Goings on at the Glenn's said...

awesome! Love the pics

Jessica said...

My favorite i watching them eat the cake. Will she be dainty or grab a handful? Great pictures, you captured the magic. JG (RR friend)

April Kaiser said...

I have never gotten a separate cake for my kids 1st birthday. I usually just cut them off a piece but.... after seeing this post and the special little cake all for her, well... I might just have to do that! What great pictures and what fun! I love her outfit! :)

Danifred said...

Love, love, love! Happy Birthday Miss Syd.


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