Friday, January 13, 2012

In our house...

In our house, we are all up at 6:30.
In our house, 80 percent of our house does not have to get up until 8:15...8:30 if you want to push it.  Just sayin'.

In our house, I will make pancakes...on the stove in a pan, because they have had scrambled eggs three days in a row.
In our house, the kid who has homework, miraculously did it last night with minimal whining.
In our house, we only have three loads of laundry left to be considered "almost" caught up.
In our house, Charley brought home a library book about World War II ...we are dealing with how to properly respond about some of the questions and comments he is asking or impressed with.
War is real.  War is scary.  War is sad.

In our house, we have three gentlemen who will be engaging in some serious pinewood derby car construction this weekend.  Pretty exciting.
In our house, all five of us can say the word "HI!"  Yep, Sydney can say it into a phone or phone like shaped toy or when waving.
In our house, we have the movie "The Help" waiting to be watched.  Hoping this weekend.

In our house, we will have a yummy new egg bake recipe this weekend.
In our house, not only will we celebrate Sydney's first birthday and Charley's first Pinewood derby event, but we are also slipping in a little side of Baptism next weekend.  Busy times.
In our house, there is is only a slight dusting of snow covering our yard outside...but this was the sky yesterday morning from our deck.

I keep reminding myself that this morning nap stage is short and such a gift in my having to skip fun little outings is our season right now.  I was looking forward to seeing some friends who I haven't seen in a while today but I just don't think skipping the morning nap is going to be worth it.

Miss Syd is in the midst of getting her two top teeth and she is pure joy, I say that rolling my eyes.  The girl is clingy but not.  Happy but not.  Sleepy but not.  Who can blame her.  But being her mama and not being able to make it all better can get mighty frustrating.

So, I might shower today and then put my pjs BACK on.  And focus on her little mood swings in comfort. 


Ahhh Mom said...

Emma is teething right now as well ... oh joy! :)

The Tompkins Family said...

We're going to have one of those days too. Not a thing planned, and that is okay!


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