Sunday, January 29, 2012

Links I Love, late.

Here are a few links that I have loved recently.  I included a small snippet from each post to lure you to read them.  They all made me think, nod, or smile.

You are reason enough to take care of yourself.  by My Fascinating Life

When mothers look at our lives, it's easy to talk as if the only excuse to help ourselves or improve anything is because it ultimately helps our children. I don't think men talk like this. I think that when a man wants to, say, go running, he just says that he wants to go running and shuts the door behind him. When a woman wants to go running, she usually has to find some reason why making the time to go running is going to make her a better mother (I'll be a better mother if I get some endorphins; I'll be a better mother if I have some time to myself) before she will let herself lace up her shoes.

In What other Profession  by David Reber

If that entire attitude weren’t bad enough, what other profession is legally held to PERFECTION by 2014? Are police required to eliminate all crime? Are firefighters required to eliminate all fires? Are doctors required to cure all patients? Are lawyers required to win all cases? Are coaches required to win all games? Of course they aren’t.
For no other profession do so many outsiders refuse to accept the realities of an imperfect world. Crime happens. Fire happens. Illness happens. As for lawyers and coaches, where there’s a winner there must also be a loser. People accept all these realities, until they apply to public education.
If a poverty-stricken, drug-addled meth-cooker burns down his house, suffers third degree burns, and then goes to jail; we don’t blame the police, fire department, doctors, and defense attorneys for his predicament. But if that kid doesn’t graduate high school, it’s clearly the teacher’s fault.

Loved these thoughts on Pinterest.  Pinning to Pin by the Wink

Pinterest is for you, not for business, not for popularity not for anything other than a place to stow things that make you smile.

Mindset for Moms
I bought this e-book this week and I LOVE it so far.  Just quick short chapters that inspire me think differently. 

As I began to learn how to choose my mindset with more intention, I found that much of my life also started to change…from the way I felt physically, to the way I handled challenges, to even the home we now live in.
Life isn’t perfect, but it is incredible.

*off to the ski hill to watch Charley thrive and Henry give it a go for the first time...and Daddy be Super Daddy while he juggles his two little future ski dudes.  Actually he just called and said it might not be good to come watch because it is crazy parking and busy there.  So we'll see ...what I get to see. 
*Time in the kitchen making yummy freezer meals for those we love.
*Still avoiding the squat position....but trying to force it to keep it stretched out.
*Tomorrow, I am determined to make the 5:30am morning class, then we register Henry for preschool next year, trying something new.  We have friends visiting for the day, and tomorrow night I become a knitter....well, we'll see.  BIG day for this mama. 


Claudia said...

Thanks so much for linking to me! And hey, I loved that article on pinterest - great refreshing perspective!

Shell said...

How did the skiing go?


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