Saturday, January 28, 2012


Today's words...

Sleepy:     Everyone is having trouble sleeping past 5am. Daddy - check, Sydney - check, Henry- check, Mama worrying why everyone can't sleep - double check.

Thankful:  Thank you Daddy duty for allowing this mama to sleep a wee bit longer this morning. This means 7am folks.  Nothing crazy. 

Wise:  8am basketball for the boys - since Miss Syd needed an 8am morning nap. For the Love of Naps...this mama knows when not to push her daughters nap any later.

Sore:  A new sports bra or two might be purchased. If I can walk out the door. My first Barbell class yesterday has me looking at the stairs with tears and taking laundry out of the washer in a very odd way (possibly looking like I am trying to do a fancy balance beam move with one leg fully extended behind me while arms out like airplanes, bending without bending...make sense?)...Basically, I am avoiding squats. But man does it feel good. And man am I proud of myself. You could ask the 3-4 people who I keep reminding that I worked out yesterday.

Hopeful:  Two of our three male people might hit the ski slopes. Ed said, "Yes, Sarah. If you keep working out your knee could handle skiing and I would love to someday take a family ski trip." And that my friends, is motivation to make the man that married me happy. This girl is going to strengthen this knee so that in a few years I can ski with the rest of least for an hour or two and then hit the spa. Baby bump days are over. Time to get these knees ready for the slopes.

Craving:  I need some pineapple chunks to make some chicken kabobs that are tempting me. They involve bacon. yummmmm. bacon.

Sipping:  I will continue drinking water. Yesterday I got 60 oz. in. I think it is good. It helps to have a big water bottle filled and sitting on the counter. It really helps.

Listening:  I watched the chick flick Morning Glory last night. It was okay. It kept me distracted from Words with Friends or sleeping. I LOVED the music in the movie. So some downloading of songs and taking off my Christmas music on the blog might happen today. (i'll try raina)  NEW MUSIC ADDED.

Planning:  Indian Jones Wii game is calling this mama and so Charley and I will conquer another level of that at some point.

Anticipating:  And Henry - the kid is exhausted most of the time these days. So we will find some time to snuggle on the couch and read some of the new library books that we picked out.

Admitting:  Even though it is really hard to hear, I am really appreciating when Ed points out when I am getting snappy for silly things with the kids. Team work. The ebb and flo of helping each other be our best.

Feeling:  My sister had some happy days and emailed my mom and said, "I have so many good things to look forward to." I wish I had been part of that email. boo :( But I LOVE hearing her happy. I love when those around me are happy. I have been happy, when my hormones aren't making me feel otherwise. Happy. YOU! Be.

Our Saturday is mellow, unplanned, and open for adventures.
What's on your Saturday bucket list?


jessica said...

Love your words for today. If I had to pick a word for today I am going to pick content.

Goings on at the Glenn's said...

Hitting the YMCA for some Zumba toning and then this afternoon I am going to be in a zumba flash mob in the middle of our mall! I am way excited!

Raina and Andy said...

andy had to work this am so i took eli to the domes. they have a train special going on and we walked around and aaround and around. he loved it and was a great listener!! we both napped after that. maybe out for diner tonight and a movie on the couch with the feet up later. love this post.....RR

Heather (One Take On Life) said...

Fun love the words. My list for Saturday was entertaining Maddy at home, and being grateful that whatever hit her yesterday seems to have left for the most part.
Got the house clean and that feels good.

Anonymous said...

Yay! Congrats on working out! Way to kick off a new year. Gearing up for a family ski trip is great motivation. :)


Stepping On Cheerios said...

Awesome on the working out! I've been hitting the gym regularly but haven't lost any weight...probably because I;m been eating like a pig and drinking wine whenever I feel like it!

Hubs and I have been good about reminding each other when we get snippy is hard to hear but puts everything in perspective.


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