Wednesday, December 28, 2011

who needs the zoo?

Determined to give Charley a splendid holiday break...
I self-talked myself into a trip to the zoo with my little tribe of 3.
The boys were excited.
Indoors we would focus.
We had to park a mile away.
We had to wait in a long line.
We saw lots.  Walking through the tropics was a glimpse of summer.
Sydney even spied out a few animals and giggled excitedly.
But even the boys were ready to go after an hour and a half.

Sometimes, it is good to just be home.
Doing your thing...
whether it is playing with your carseat,
reading books curled up on the couch.
Building red solo cup towers, placing miniature super Mario guys on the tower, and trying to knock them down using Nerf guns - our version of Angry Birds.

At home.
Life is good.
Who needs the zoo.
The crowds.
The big guy hacking and sneezing everywhere.
The germs.
The parking.
The overpriced pretzels.

not us.


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The Tompkins Family said...

Sammy has those jammies and I love them!!


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