Thursday, December 29, 2011


Okay, one of my very favorite blogs to read is this one. And she posted about piano music today. I LOVE piano music. I play it alot around here because it makes me feel calm and I truly think it helps the boys calm too. Anyways, there were a ton of links but this one I did click on and boy am I glad I did. AMAZING. Worth it. TOTALLY. The transition from one song to the next. And watching the two guys play. Just love it. Definitely worth a listen. At the end he explains how he came about playing the songs together for his 7 year old daughter.

I hope that one of my children shows interest in piano.  Everytime Charley asks for drums, and he does every birthday and Christmas, I tell him he has to start with the piano.  I think it would be a fun talent to have in your pocket for life. 

It is Thursday morning.  We were supposed to go on a playdate this morning.  But Charley has hints of a cold coming on.  Sydney didn't nap yesterday but slept incredible last night and just woke up.  So we are hunkering in for a day of cozy play.  It is really disappointing that there is no snow out there.  And really no predictions for much in the near future.  Unbelievable.  I will say that it is because my good friend bought a snow blower around Thanksgiving and I bought some new SNOW boots.  So, why would it snow now!?


Barb said...

Awesome music! I also love piano, but ESPECIALLY cello - great combo.

Paula G said...

Simply amazing! I saw this posted on your fb page but never looked at it.
I miss playing the piano, but now am inspired to start up again! Do you have a good tuner? I took lessons for 12 years and really miss it, even though my piano has been in our house for 10 years!
Your blog and photos never cease to amaze me Sarah!!!!


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