Thursday, December 1, 2011

December - bring it!

This morning we cracked open the chocolate Advent calendars that Aunt Raina always presents the boys with at Thanksgiving.
They also opened the first door on their shared Lego Advent calendar.
Tonight we will unwrap one of our holiday books that we unwrapped...
and the list of 25 different ways we are counting down to Christmas begins. 

Mr. Henry has been exercising his patience skills.
He has been begging and pleading for more decorations to emerge from the depths of our dungeon.  Yesterday we brought up our tiny fake tree and put on the lights.  I had one ornament in our junk drawer that didn't get put away last year.  Go figure that it was this one....  

To distract him from the decorating we did a little bit of this...

Henry will delight in holiday themed learning activities pulled from his mama's hinder.  
Yesterday he had to decorate this Christmas tree by stamping the letters using the correct colors.  I think we have mastered his name.  He can write it and he can identify the letters.  WOO HOO!

Miss Sydney is smiling at the changes that are happening..the holiday lights aglow above the kitchen cupboards, the silly snowmen littering our limited shelf space.  
But look!  She knows what the holiday season is all about. 
She will know them.
Her cousins - Eli and Morgan!

I am determined to thrive this holiday season. 
I want to give the kids little moments each day celebrating the holiday and the family we have built here in our home. 

Today:  We began our Advent Calendars
Tomorrow:  Our Christmas tree adventure or a paper chain or ...
what little tasks could we take 15 minutes to do this month.  
Do share please!



Anonymous said...

Oh I love that letter tree!!!!!


Danifred said...

What a super fun month this is!

Cindy said...

Hi Sarah,
Popping in from Pam's blog. So glad I did!! :)
I love this little letter tree. I taught Kindergarten for 13 years before staying home with our girls, so things like this make my heart sing.:)
i love how you wrote you want to thrive this holiday season!!! Me too!
Looks like you have a wonderful blog...can't wait to look around.
have a happy day


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