Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cheers November - Welcome December!

Wow.  Today is the big finale to November. 
Tomorrow begins December, the month offering loads of festive opportunities:
holiday TV specials
an instant go to threat for dealing with your kids "Santa's watching!"
hot cocoa
lost mittens
ringing the bell
other acts of service
moments of quiet
balanced with moments of excitement

And as the month of December has drawn near my focus has been on getting our holiday shopping done.
Ed is a last minute guy.
He has wondered what my obsession has been with getting the kids Christmas shopping done.
I really wanted to have everything done by this weekend so that I could instead wrap, bake, invite friends over for crafty projects and coffee.  I wanted to enjoy the season with our tribe of three instead of feeling like I had to worry about when I was going to escape to get things done.  We are getting there.  But still have a bit to accumulate in our growing pile of gifts.

This morning we are supposed to be slowing down and attending our weekly class together (Sydney, Henry, and Mama).  It is a time that I know I will give my kiddos an hour of attention without the distraction of a to do list.  I also get a bonus hour of sitting with other inspiring moms and getting ideas and insight into different parenting topics.  However, Sydney has been a sleeping nightmare lately.  Yesterday she was a napping nightmare too.  And I am scared out of my wits that she is going to hit a wall of over tiredness...and the every two hour waking will turn into looooong drawn out night wakings.  At least now she goes back to sleep pretty quick.  I think she is teething.  So I am trying to be patient.  Knowing this season too shall pass.  But it is hard when I am lacking the sleep that is so vital for my sanity.  So today we are staying put so she can maybe give herself the permission to curl up and take a morning nap.  We'll see.

Henry and I have slowly been decorating.  Waiting for Charley has been important.  But today we are going to break out the Christmas lights and try and do a little jolly business with them so we can surprise Charley when he gets home.  I like to hang some above our cupboards in the kitchen and the our tiny fake tree that sits somewhere different each year. 

Today is an extra cup of coffee kind of day.
Today is a slow down and realize that even though Miss Syd is sleeping like crap - she is happier than ever and finds so much joy in exploring - and zhu zhu pets are a hilarious new toy that brings squeals!

Monday night was pork tenderloin.
Last night "fancy" brats - ON THE GRILL.
Tonight...not sure what is in the works...need to figure that out.

Here's to a productive day that has a good serving of playful moments with my two littlest tribe members. 

How are you sending off the 2011 month of November?
How will you welcome December?


Heather (One Take On Life) said...

Sending off November running some errands this morning to pick up a few gifts. This afternoon has us home, tidying up.
Welcoming December with decking out the house:) And loading up the ipod with christmas music.
Hope Sydney napped today.

jessica said...

Love the picture! I will welcome December with our Advent Calendar. The girls love it and I am excited to google up some new ideas for it!

Barb said...

December's arrival comes too quick for me, but only because our family Christmas will be celebrated early. Therefore ~~ less time to prepare in a relaxing way. Nothing has to be perfect and I love it all. Good-bye to a wonderful month of November that offered so much to be thankful for.


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