Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

Last night there were many chuckles had when my dad requested I send him the old link to Henry drinking milk for the first time. Go HERE to see it. It is hilarious and actually quite fascinating how he gets the milk cup back into the cup holder.  Henry laughed pretty hard when I showed him today.  The amazing thing is how much Sydney is like Henry.  There are so many similarities.
Today I was gifted a few hours to holiday shop without any tag along tribe members.  Sydney and Henry had a fabulous time with friends.  I finished up my shopping for the kids and got a few other gifts checked off my list.  We draw names on my side of the family and last year I "changed someone's life" when I got them a life changing gift.  I think I might have another life changing gift to give.  Here's a glimpse at my name's gifts.  I wonder who it is? 

Today a friend texted and asked me what our holiday activity was today...I thought she was fishing for inspiration.  But then she texted and said they mailed lists to Santa and made holiday play dough.  Inspired.  I am.

Sydney slept great last night but didn't have good naps today - as a result of my selfish shopping excursion.  So that means I already ate dinner and will bathe and put her down while the boys eat. 

Charley starts basketball this weekend.  His first experience.  Should be another fun adventure.

Our Christmas tree will get picked out of the lot, roped to the top of our car, placed in the garage to open a bit, and then brought into the house to hopefully pull all the random decorations together.

Holiday specials are AWESOME.  Even if they are on at bedtime.  I dvr them and then we watch them when it works for us.  My favorite time is when they are all ready for bed and they can snuggle up and enjoy.

Sydney can clap.

When she gets some freedom, Miss Syd makes a bee line for this little nook in our play area.  And there she sits investigating each and every car she can pull from this bin.  Whenever she finds something during her explorations, she always turns and looks at me with such pride and as if she might be saying, "Look what I found mom, are you gonna come and get it?"

We have a low key weekend.
A little basketball, some Sunday football watching, some Christmas tree business...and whatever sounds up our alley. 

Leave me a leftover from your week....

or you can go here to here to fill up on more leftovers.


Cindy said...

Finished shopping for the kids???? Goodness, I really need to get moving:)
We had the same jammies for our littlest...these pics made me smile.And homemade play-doh is the best.
have a happy day sarah

Danifred said...

Oh, oh, I want to know what's in those wraps boxes!!! While I've almost completed my shopping, I still haven't wrapped a thing. Once I get through this semester (another week), I'm digging in.

Goings on at the Glenn's said...

a low key weekend sound so nice. I feel like I have been running loose with no wear to end up. I just wanted to say thank you for your comment on my photo shoot post. You are such a loyal reader and it makes my day to see a comment every once in awhile. You are the only one in a long time to comment on anything. Thank you! It will keep me blogging.

Theresa said...

That is HILARIOUS that he just chucked it right into the cup holder!! Very unexpected and made me laugh :)


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