Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving part 2

Here's the truth...
I posted about my family first because it is easiest.  And I don't worry about posting pictures of them on my blog.  
But they were actually our second Thanksgiving celebration.  
Our first celebration was with Ed's family.

We have been so blessed to have a Thanksgiving and Easter route around Wisconsin that allows us to fit both families in.  Thank goodness - because my boys LIVE to see their "big cousins" who are actually more like second cousins.  They crave their visits to Aunt Katy's house - because, as Henry put it on Friday morning, "This is the best house in the whole world."  They are starting to realize that they are the BIG cousins to their "actual" cousins Morgan and Eli - but at this point - these BIG cousins are like super stars. 

And boy howdy do they give the boys some fabulous attention.  Thank you BIG cousins.

Sadly, I have no more pictures...and I sit here and wonder why?  I had my camera right there.  And as I sit and think about it I realize it is because for most of the time at Aunt Katy's the boys are off in their own world and I don't get to see them all that much.  The time flies and I try to soak in all the moments. 

  Thanksgiving at Katy's means..

-a gathering of many around tables with heaping piles of food.
-8-12 fabulous deserts to choose from and devour.
-it means catching up and sharing news.
-it means sharing our children with their Great Grandma.
-it means giving thanks - led by Uncle Jim
-it means slush drinks (or slushies to some)
-it means late night games of canasta (and someday I will be able to join in without the worry of little tribe members waking and needing me)
-it means snuggling with cousins and maybe a little romping.
-it means taking breaks to run laps around the house.
-means football
-it means potato dumplings, stuffing, broccoli cauliflower dishes, many jello choices, squash, turkey, green bean casserole, and so many more things I can't even remember.  
-it means needing to put on my comfy pants soon after the big meal.
-it means late night chex mix
-it means searching through the black Friday ads for all the deals
-it means that some get up in the wee hours to try and score some of those deals.
-it means memories and laughing about old stories (which for me is a glimpse at the special past that they all have shared for Ed's lifetime)
-it means the boys get to know that family, extended or immediate, are precious and the travel and packing are worth it the moment everyone is together. 

I say it every year - but Ed's Aunt Katy and Uncle Jim offer up their house and their time, space, and food, to host every year.  And they let us all crash and find nooks and crannies to curl up to sleep.  Their home is a place where our boys cheer for.  It is a blessing to be apart of their celebration. 

Maybe at Easter someone could remind me to take my camera out.  My mom and sister remind me when I am home.  I need to be reminded...because like everyone else - I relax, find myself in a food coma, and the time flies by way to fast.  

Thanksgiving offered much to be thankful for.
I hope that you and yours all were able to take in the entire holiday.
And now, let the Christmas craziness begin!

I added some of my favorite holiday songs done in my player at the bottom of my blog. 

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Raina and Andy said...

Some year i'd love to be invited to THIS Thanksgiving...just to see the dessert table in living color!! hahaha RR


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