Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving #1

This Thanksgiving at my mom and dad's there were three little boys running around with fantastically blinking and obnoxiously beeping "shooters." 

This Thanksgiving at my mom and dad's Miss Sydney joined us for the big meal and nibbled lots of real food...and I realized that last Thanksgiving I was rubbing my enormous belly wondering who would be sitting beside me in 2011.

This year at my mom and dad's we all took a moment to wonder who would be joining my sister's family next year.  Due in February meant she was definitely indulging in the ability to eat for two.

This Thanksgiving at my mom and dad's we were missing three amazing men.  My dad treated his two son in laws to an amazing day in Madison attending the Badger game.  They left early in the day and enjoyed a full day of beverages, spirit, peanuts, and good old football.  And this meant the world to me.

This Thanksgiving at my mom and dad's we only had to worry about Gluten free foods..instead of gluten free, vegetarian, and dairy free.  But we immensely missed the vegetarian and diary free family that couldn't be there.

This year at my parent's I had three kids to care for, without my better half, and I was able to enjoy a glass of wine and some penny poker around 2pm on Saturday. 

This year at my mom and dad's Charley started his penny poker legacy and walked away with 85 cents after winning several hands.

This year at my mom and dad's all three kids slept well in one bedroom.

This year at my mom and dad's we celebrated my cousin's UW-Madison acceptance.

This year at my mom and dad's we all filled out leaves sharing things we were thankful for.


This year at my mom and dad's there wasn't late night games but there was plenty of chatting.

This year at my parents we went down to the basement and brought home the doll house that my grandpa built for me when I was a little girl.  We have a good year or so to add our touch to the home and then it will be gifted to my little girl.  Still can't believe I have a little girl. 

This year at my mom and dad's we had green beans, rolls, turkey (carved by my aunt), mashed potatoes, squash, apple walnut bars, chocolate cake, coleslaw, relish tray items, stuffing, and of course....finger jello shaped like turkeys.

Thanks mom for hosting another great holiday.
We are always comfortable, well nourished, and entertained by just simply being there.


Anonymous said...

I love that the leaf I can read the easiest on your tree is "iPhone". Ha! Looks likes you had a wonderful family Thanksgiving! :)


Peggy, Jason, Lily and Connor said...

Looks like you have a wonderful family to be thankful for! I love the craft you did and that you did it together! Great pics. Love the red syd shoes, lots of auntie Raina, and the shot of the boys being boys!

Jessica said...

Great pictures. I know Raina was so excited for this weekend, glad you all had so much fun. I love the picture of Raina and Eli and he is just looking at her with so much love. Priceless. JG (Raina's friend)

Raina and Andy said...

love all the shots! love syd in her shoes!!!! i took some too but your camera seems to "capture" everything so magically. love the Poker ones because that was special to me that I got charley to play (hope it was ok). also like the one of mom an di looking at the turkey and the pat and mom sister shot. great recap. where are YOU? hahahahahahaa. hand me your camera if you ever want. RR

Danifred said...

Love the thankful tree!


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