Monday, November 7, 2011

Kid Activity: Who needs fancy schmancy toys...

Who needs fancy schmancy toys when you have the item that Miss Sydney is holding in her hands.

Miss Sydney is holding one of our new favorite toys!
I bought our first set for under $3.00.
Then I couldn't resist and I bought another set. So we have over a hundred, I think.

What is it?
Have you made your guess?


Some of you may fondly, or not so fondly, remember these from your college years.

But here in our house, they keep us busy for hours. 
Stacking towers.
Constructing statues.
Building forts.

While Sydney ventures over to check out Henry. 
Henry gives her a firm reminder that she is not to touch anything.

So she stops and watches. 

And Henry goes to work.  This is a really small one.  But you get the picture.

Look at how proud Henry is. 
But don't be fooled.  This big brother knows how fun it is to watch his little sister knock it down.  

So that she can wear one as a hat.  


Raina and Andy said...

holy cow this is SO cute. i love it!!! great idea too. RR

The Tompkins Family said...


Theresa said...

Great idea!

CanadianMama said...

Oh I love these pictures, the hat on is priceless for sure!

My sister has a bunch of these for her kids and so it's a real novelty for my kids when they go there. Her oldest can do all these tricks with them too she saw on YouTube!

mandyc said...

THAT. IS. AWESOME. I can't wait to go out and buy some for my kiddos tomorrow!

One of my kid's favorite activities? Those pompom balls from the craft store in all different sizes, some tongs and different plastic containers - they seriously fight over the tongs sometimes......time to go to the dollar store and get another set........


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