Monday, November 7, 2011

hello monday.

hello EARLY Monday morning - I actually appreciated not having to rush the boys, since we were all up at us 3 good hours to get out the door.

hello new week, with a new list of to dos.  This weekend we got SO MUCH done around the house.

hello homemade mac and cheese...steaming on our plates on Friday night.

hello one last weekend of beautiful fall temps.

hello little chats in the yard.

hello raking leaves and having them blow right back into the yard.
hello watching Charley attempt handstands.
hello thinking that I can still do a handstand but knowing that my arms would not be able to hold my weight. 

hello Miss Sydney who took two nose dives over our one little step into our lower living area -the girl is brave and goes back again.
hello Motrin that is helping this girl sleep a bit...cold or teeth.  Just can't decide.

hello Henry and your creative busy play during the day.
hello furnace, we have put you to work.
hello cups and all the fun you have given us.

hello week with nothing on our evening agenda.  I know this time is soooo precious.  Soon enough we will be juggling three kids after school activities.  But this week, we are all home for dinner.

hello Mondays that are spent with new friends that come for the day from afar and give me moments to enjoy mommy chatter and time focused on the kids.  Laundry, floor cleaning, dusting etc....all waited today.  Thanks Meg for the fun visit.

Happy Monday friends! 

What does your week look like?

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