Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It's Tuesday. Just sayin'

Would give anything to be sitting by the lake sipping my coffee right now.  You too Raina? 

Charley's teacher is a MN Gopher fan. She emailed this weekend in response to a school task that I am working on and she ended it with her disappointment in the outcome of the Gopher vs. Badger football game...but that she still thought that our family was pretty cool. I read Charley the email. On Monday's they have sharing and his teacher shared her high and low. He said her low was the Gohper's loss. He then smiled and said, "I told that my high was that the Badger's won." I told him that as long as he said it like that and not "I am glad the Gopher's lost" then he is showing some sportsmanship and pride in his team's win. But that it wouldn't have been kind to say it the other way. His teacher told me he said it respectfully, I'm glad. Just sayin'

The Candy countdown going on here is working like a charm. They eat their candy after breakfast and there is no more begging for candy the rest of the day. Unfortunately, the candy witch took the candy but returned it to a secret canister and I have been nibbling. Not helping my jean size. Just sayin'

It isn't so much the snow and cold that gets me these next few months. It is the gloom. The grey skies. The dead trees. The brown grass - or brown snow. Just sayin'

My coffee is soooo much more cozy when it is chilly out. It really makes me excited to wake up. Lovin' the at home latte I have going here, and it might not taste as good to others but it works for me. Just sayin'

Henry heads off to school like a champ these days. He lets me do the carpool lane drop off. And this brings me great joy. Just sayin'

Miss Sydney is such a go with the flow gal. She has been sleeping a wee bit better and she goes down for a nap after Charley gets off to school. Leaving me with sometimes two hours of bliss on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. She ate scrambled eggs this morning. French toast this weekend. But avocado is her favorite. I wish they kept better and weren't so expensive. Just sayin'

I need to start my Christmas shopping. I am putting it on my list of things to talk to Ed about tonight - got that honey. Just sayin'

I am in charge of the parent room treat and the kid treat at ECFE class tomorrow. Trying really hard to come up with something I can bake that doesn't require a store run. Sydney is not napping - darn. Not the plan today. Jinxed it. Just sayin'

Ed folded the Mt. Everest pile of laundry that had taken up residence on our couch this weekend...and then it appeared again yesterday, and he folded again. Thanks. Just not my favorite thing. Just sayin'

Funny how I wanted to start our family rules off with the rule of PEACE but we have had some asking issues crop up and so we might readjust our plan and start with another rule on the list: Asking. Charley needs to be reminded that he is the child and we are the parents. The kid likes to make playdates, at our house, without asking. I think the rules will take on more meaning if we attach them to real life circumstances. So this week asking, forget the peace. Just sayin'

Well, I guess Sydney isn't going to nap. Boo :( Time to get her up and get her busy. She loves exploring our house and the boys have been really good about keeping their little toys and Lego's off the floor. I am really impressed with their effort. Just sayin'

I am not even sure if the Just sayin' thing fits today. But I was feeling down that I didn't have some great post, event, or picture to share. Maybe later.

I do have to say that the morning was smooth. And the day ahead looks filled with fun. So let's get to it. Time to stop typing about life and head off to live it.

Love ya all!

Shout out a just sayin' in your life today.


The Tompkins Family said...

I worked out last night and did a 5km run...then woke up before the rest of the house this morning and did my workout for the day so I could not think about it for the rest of the day. Feeling a bit like a superhero...just sayin'!

The girls are currently trying to feed the cat soy nuts and I'm doing nothing because I'm blog reading...feeling a bit guilty but not enough to stop. Just sayin'!

Barb said...

Just sayin that I was sort of in cloud 9 this entire day until bob got home and wanted our old fussy email program BACK and handy on our new computer. Had to call the company and recordings just don't make my day. Ugh. But meanwhile just sayin that I love our new toys!

Raina and Andy said...

after a long day at work, i still can whip out a dinner that was unplanned that both my boys eat and love. just sayin....I can do it! RR

Danifred said...

In our house, the candy has been forgotten. Apparently the envelopes are also magical.

shellycoulter said...

Yes! Its the gloomy grey/brown days when the windchill is 8 that get me too.

I fully enjoyed every minute of my day today. I felt present during it all. Something I can't always say. But today I could. Just sayin' :)


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