Monday, November 14, 2011

hello monday

{goodbye} mellow weekend, hanging out with family, and getting things done in a leisurely kinda way.  Sydney is sad that daddy is back at work, Charley is back to school, and it is nap time.

{hello} monday - we're jumping right in.

{hello} friendly neighbors who raked the most beautiful pile of leaves and called us and invited the boys to jump in them. 

{hello} one more chance to snap some shots of the kids in a leaf pile. 

{hello} to calling a GREAT Aunt to say hi and realizing how fun it is to talk to her.
{hello} to sharing in my mom's new exciting purchase.
{hello} to daddy frying up our cottage fish and watching Henry gobble it because he was so proud of having caught most of it.

{hello}  to moments gathered around our kitchen table elbow deep in paper scraps, crayons, and glue.

{hello} to letting go of the desire to do the project for your child and enjoying their hard work. 
{hello} to Henry's first big school project...disguising a turkey. 

{hello} SpiderTurkey.

{hello} grocery shopping and staying in budget (while feeling like I was on my own episode of that couponing show).
{hello} starting off our Monday cozy at the kitchen table working on some Star Wars counting and coloring with Henry. Thanks to this website.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  The weather was perfect here, gray but pretty warm, and I kept telling Charley that his bike riding days were numbered.  Ed got SO much done outside...I think we can say that we are ready for winter.  Trying to see our week as simple but there is a lot jammed into the days and evenings.  Taking it hour by hour and enjoying the ride - that's my plan. 

What are you looking forward to this week?
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Anonymous said...

I love all of your pictures! I am looking forward to Nora's school's spaghetti dinner tuesday, baby appointment wednesday, seeing your mom at work on thursday and deer hunting with family all weekend (I stay back and watch kids/eat/hang out with sisters/mom). We all sleepover at my parent's big family farm and have a great family weekend! Jamie Trampe

Raina and Andy said...

In those leaf pictures it looks like the boys are going to miss the pile! ahhhhh!!!! this week I'm looking forward to getting my next book club book. I'm really looking forward to Friday. I'm looking forward to finally getting to talk to my friend who just had a baby. so many things!!! RR


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