Sunday, November 20, 2011

Removing the screens...a new perspective.

As a mom sometimes I wake up and only see my failures.
The daunting to do lists.
The busy day ahead.
The overwhelming job that being a mom entails.
The days where you go without talking to friends or other adults.
The moments when the kids are driving me nuts.

The window into my mind and soul can feel like a window that has been opened all fall,
and has gathered all the dirt, seeds, and other debris floating in the air.
It gives me a very ugly view.
And though it gave us fresh summer breezes - it leaves my vision very blurred.

It is hard to see all the blessings.

But taking a few moments to remove the screens.
To breathe.
To clean up and organize my thoughts.
And to realize that during this season of the year I don't even need the screen.
I will miss the fresh air blowing through but the view without a screen is pretty amazing too.
I am offered a fresh view.

A view that allows me to see my sons enjoying the first snow.
A time when the world looks fresh, new, and refreshing...
of course, that is before the snow turns a dirty brown and it is bitterly cold and the sun doesn't shine for days and days....every season needs a filter change every once in a while.
But for now, we are celebrating a clean window (or perspective) and a new season of exciting outdoor activities.
Time to hang the bikes up, daddy.
The sleds are greased and ready to soar.

I am blessed to have a new perspective each day.
And I am amazed how cleaning that window that I look out of...when I am cleaning up this mess...

And a better view when dealing with this overloaded mess....

has me way more inspired to end the day with a kitchen that looks like this:

So that the next morning starts off with joy and not a heavy burden looming as I descend on motherhood.

Hope your Sunday brings you a peaceful end to your weekend so you can kick off your week filled with
grace for all the blessings in your life.

What the heck is up with Charley getting phone calls from friends I have never met about the ski hill being ready for action and sleepover invites I am not ready to have happen..
Ed got his deer and is arriving home early. 
Hoping to get my hour to plan ahead for our week of regular old routine mixed with a nice big helping of family, food, and travel.



Raina and Andy said...

i like to finally get to see your new appliances. cool! are you loving them? great post-it's true about those screens. Neat about your snow. We're going to head out and get some boots for mr. Eli later today maybe. RR

Danifred said...

Love your view!


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