Monday, November 21, 2011

hello monday.

hello monday.
hello winter driving - not super excited to greet you

hello to a week where I get to fill in as "grandma" at Charley's school
hello to a year of first grade birthday party invites...they keep rolling in
hello to Miss Sydney sitting at the big kid snack table during our class last Wed
sorry for the poor picture quality...through the secret window with my phone camera.

hello tooth fairy - Charley lost his second tooth a week ago
hello learning not to take your other kids when one child has a giftcard to spend 
hello laundry baskets that keep littles out of trouble.

hello to lots of hours in the car 
hello precious time with family to celebrate and give thanks
hello place cards for my families Thanksgiving meal

hello little girl in her cage

(notice a theme here...keeping Miss Sydney confined)

But check this out.  I hosted a playgroup and we put the two tiniest in the fenced in jail of a play area and look who joined them...all the big kids.  All us moms had to laugh that this was our solution to relaxed playdates - confine the kids and uncork the wine :)

hello short week but full week.
hello to a healthy week so we can all enjoy the holiday festivities.

What are you saying to hello this week?

This is linked up here.

all pictures taken with phone (except last one).

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