Friday, November 18, 2011

This is the season...

A few weeks ago we got all the kids sleeping AND THEN I ran out to get the sitter. And we scooted out to have sushi with Ed's brother and wife, like friends and adults. The babysitter knew to call me if Sydney woke up - as I am her pacifier. So a half hour into dinner the phone rang. I scooted home, nursed her, put her down, and was joining them for the second round of sushi only 20 minutes later. This is our season.

This week I spent a good two hours Christmas shopping, online. I wondered if I would feel less spirit by shopping online. But dragging three kids into a mall, during the mass "best price of the season" crowds...Ya, I think I will have WAY more holiday spirit doing the online shopping thing this year. This is our season.

The laundry is never ending. It is all up to me. Soon I know I will have helpers. But for now...This is our season.

Take out or diapers, someday that $30 bucks will be spent on the splurge and not the necessity...This is our season.

Mommy friends, gathered around the kitchen table, at 11am. Talking recipes, coupon cutting, our little's attitudes...we aren't at a coffee shop or wine bar...because what would our 7 littles do there? This is our season.

This week I tried some new recipes. And as I cleaned up each night, there was always one plate that had food that was barely touched. This is our season.

Today I went snow boot shopping and I got us all a pair. I drooled over a pair like this....but instead went for a snow pair that will be more practical for standing and watching ski lessons and sledding tricks, and shovelling for hours this winter.  This is our season.

Friday night rolls around and we aren't heading out to some new restaurant or club.  Nope, we are looking forward to some comfort food and a good old game of Candy Land.  And once our tribe is sleeping...we won't be far behind.  This is our season.

I have a friend that lives near enough that we could run into each other at Target.  We talk of getting together for a walk, coffee, breakfast, dinner, or a movie.  It never happens.  This is our season.

Waking up in the night and having one little standing beside our bed asking if he can crawl in with us doesn't happen very often, but it did last night.   Having another call out - resulting in severe foot pain as you step on some random sharp toy laying in your path... This is our season.

This weekend, my focus is on the kiddos. 
I want to embrace the ups and downs. 
The calm and the quiet. 
This is our season.

Describe your season.


The Tompkins Family said...

Those boots are FABULOUS! I want a pair!

The girls both FINALLY starting to sleep well at night making it okay for us adults to go to bed at a later time results in a couple wakeups from both girls last night. This is our season.

Cooking pretty incredible suppers (if I do say so myself!) only to have to make grilled cheese sandwiches and cereal so one little actually has a full belly for bed. This is our season.

Raina and Andy said...

Cutting back on water during story time/books at night because Eli is wetting through Jammies every morning causes him to cry for 45 min-2 hours before falling asleep. It will be a while before he is out of diapers because he's not interested in that potty. Even though I KNOW he can do it. This is our season.

This weekend we'll go to the Thanksgiving parade downtown and work on the baby room. Last weekend we did a train festival-eli loved it...all things exhaust me and I just want to hunker down and lay on the couch and dream of baby- this is our season.

I did some online shopping too. I only have 1 kiddo! haha. that is our season too.

I get jealous watching andy enjoy a glass of wine at night. this is MY season!

Sundays are spent glaring at andy as he won't put down the remote. I understand that football is on all day-but we are a family all day too. i like to watch the packer game as a family but the other games aren't as interesting to me. but-this is his season.

fun post sarah!

Anonymous said...

Our season is quite the same as yours, love the idea about the babysitter coming over after the kids are asleep!
The dvr is the parents best friend, we can record shows that start at 10, so we can watch them another time and not stay up so late. This is our season.
Getting the house ready for out of town company for thanksgiving. Love having a house to host everyone. This is our season.
Enjoying seeing my parents so often, as they've recently moved to the same city as us, first time in our marries life that we've had family close by. This is our season.

April Kaiser said...

HA!! I can so relate to your season....

After 7 months of an average number of wakings at 6 a night, I could no longer stand Mollie in our room.... me the waling zombie at work and home was getting old so, she now sleeps in the living room in a pack and play at night... this is our season

Tomorrow, I will go to the 1:20 (nap time) showing of Breaking Dawn with my two good friends. We all can not do lunch before or a nice coffee chat afterwards because of little babies but, I know it will happen again sometime soon because, this is just our season now...

I vacuumed my bedroom today and am embarrassed to share how many times I had to empty the vacuum canister to get the whole thing vacuumed... I am not exaggerating, I have not vacuumed our bedroom since August before I went back to work LOL...I tried once in September but ran out of time that day... so sad... this is the season I am in!

I will be buying the majority of my Christmas gifts on line this year, and am kinda looking forward to it! :) This is my season

Today I was in an actually grocery store for the 1st time in months! crazy I know... I do a lot of quick shopping at Target and have not done a full grocery shop for a very long while.. ahhhh, this is my season!

Love it Sarah! :)

Amy Maslowski said...

Having twenty little 3 minute tasks to complete and looking forward to an hour of nap or quiet time to finish them. Having a 2 1/2 year old who needs to nap, but won't stay in bed without her mommy laying next to her. So, mommy naps and Meg naps, too. Tasks not completed until late at night. This is our season.

I do like thinking of it as a season, though, Sarah. That way, it seems as though it will pass, which I know it will. It also feels like it gives me permission to enjoy the beauties of this season while being irritated by parts of it, too.



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