Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Simple birthdays are the best.

One of the things I was reminded of this past weekend at the mom retreat was that keeping things simple so that I can feel present and take in all the moments is so important. So much of the time you can get wrapped up in what you think you need to do, what you think you should do, and what others will think, that you can lose the joy. And if mama is stressed out and feeling overwhelmed about things...well it can just make everything spiral out of control.

Ed and I decided a while back that we would start official friend b-day parties once Charley was in Kindergarten. And from there we would alternate years with family focused birthdays and friend birthday celebrations. This year was a family year and Charley was okay with it all along.  Henry couldn't understand how Charley was having a birthday without a big party.  At one point on Monday he said firmly, "MAMA!  You HAVE to let Charley invite some friends over tomorrow." 

Because of travel and family coming into town we have to put off the activity choice that Charley will get to do. So that is still coming. However, yesterday, multiple times he said that this was the best birthday ever and that made me chuckle. Because it was all so simple in my mind.

I am the type of person who can get wrapped up in presents and feeling like I am not doing enough. But Ed kept me in line this year. And BOY HOWDY I am glad he did. The couple of very simple presents that we indulged Charley with were welcomed with excitement, happiness, and thanks (a basketball door hanging thingy, a wii game, and the Lego Creationary game.

We always hang the same birthday banner, in the same place. I made him his special breakfast.

We went to lunch at school with him (a new tradition). We brought balloons and sub sandwiches.
Note the windows and how dirty they are...and that would be why our kids come home sick all winter :)

I made him his dinner choice...pasta with alfredo.

And he had seen this football cupcake stand thingy at Michael's a week or so ago and requested that. I checked with him on Sunday and he still liked that idea. So Henry and I went to work.  My go to chocolate cake/cupcake recipe is on the back of the Hersey's container!

When he got home he was soooo excited to see that we did it. When he arrived home he said, "WOW MOM, you did it!" And I replied, "I did. And I think I did a pretty good job." AND HE SAID, "YOU DID AWESOME! THIS IS THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!"

Daddy made it home for dinner and presents and they they set off for the Scout pack meeting.

He had Aunts and Uncles and grandparents call and wish him well. He got some exciting mail. But overall he felt loved and special. And that is what birthdays are all about. And starting this morning...he can start planning his 8th birthday friend party!


shellycoulter said...

Sounds like a great day! I'm glad he felt special! Tonight is Dad's bday in our house. He is in class until the boys get to stay up late and we are having a surprise party for him when he gets home. Just the 4 of us...but we will have cake and balloons and Dads favorite enchiladas. Simple is good! :)

Raina and Andy said...

i agree that parties sometimes cause the parents (and even the kids sometimes) to miss the actual little special moments with the birthday boy or girl. Good job making it so very special for that very very special boy. RR


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