Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Quick blip...

About to head out the door.
But feeling so in a groove, and I wanted to wish you a groovy day too!

Chicken breasts thawing in the fridge for dinner making fun.
Boys busy with a new Lego set that Charley got for his birthday.
Off to ECFE class this morning.
Syd let me put her in the exosaucer right off the bat this morning. More on her soon. But the last three mornings have been clingy and crabby with her cold and our transition back to mama duty. So I feel like happy content Syd is back.

Looking forward to some more updates this afternoon as Sydney naps and Henry gets busy with a little Halloween fun.

But a few little things that have happened in the last day or two...

Henry came up to daddy the other night and held out his hands, palms up, and asked, "Daddy, what's this on my hands?"
Daddy looked down and Charley wandered over. Daddy, "Not sure."
Charley: "That's glittery!"
Daddy: "Where did you get the glitter? Go in the bathroom and wash up."
 Daddy followed him in to find mama's eye shadow all over the floor. He had gotten into mama's makeup. Daddy asked, in a calm voice, "Henry, what did you do? Why are you getting into mama's things?"
Henry burst into tears. Poor guy.
Ed couldn't stop giggling at the whole thing.

Charley said multiple times yesterday that it was the best birthday ever. Can I get a woot woot! I LOVE that we have set up a tradition of family birthdays and friend birthdays that alternate from year to year. Yesterday proved that kids don't need HUGE anything. They just need to be shown love and attention. A special breakfast, a birthday banner, some balloons, some gifts, an attempt at cupcakes he requested, and a little family meal...absolutely simple and possible and what made me happiest...I felt present the whole day. I was not distracted by invitation lists, decorations, party favors...etc.

Okay, five minutes up. Time to head out the door!

HAVE A GREAT DAY! More later!

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Theresa said...

I particularly love your posts about Henry because he is exactly Simon's age and they seem so different, so it's fun to read about. The day Simon cries for being questioned about why he got into something he shouldn't...well let's just say I don't see that happening :) I love the mini-apron too!


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