Thursday, October 27, 2011

How did Sydney do...

Last night Miss Sydney swam with the big boys...or I should say Big BOY.  Charley was off I plunked Miss Syd in the bath with Henry.  And bam!  This mama's heart stopped.  My third is swimming with the big fish now.  Ugh, such mixed emotions.

Miss Syd sits and her little feet do the little circles that they are always doing.  And she splashes her little hands.  And she is looking around and excited to grab at all the 'new to her' little toys.  Just so fun to watch.

So while I was gone, how did this nursed little peanut do? ...

I left on Thursday after nursing her at 10:30am and putting her down for a nap.  I returned on Sunday at 2pm and she was napping.  I had pumped as much as I could and depended on her September bottle taking history...and unfortunately ... that didn't work out for me.

Miss Sydney refused the bottle the entire time I was gone.  And she refused me at 4 when I first attempted to nurse her.  After an hour of playing she did nurse and today, Wednesday, she nursed totally normal and back to her regular self.  So from Thursday at noon until Sunday she did not take any bottles.

Daddy and Grandma Charlie got liquids in her by mixing some breast milk with her food.  They fed her three meals of day of baby food.  She slept better than ever.  She napped.  She was her happy content little self.  The rough patch was after I returned.  Sunday afternoon until today was a little tough. 

I took her in on Monday because she had a runny nose all weekend and I just wanted to make sure her ears weren't to blame.  The doctor just chuckled at me.  He said it was not her ears.  She was just getting me back.

Miss Sydney,

You are one of kind.



April Kaiser said...

Her face in the picture is all you Sarah! She is so adorable!!!!
I'm curious, did Ed tell you that she wasn't taking the bottle or did he not tell you so you wouldn't worry? If you knew before you left that she wouldn't have taken the bottle the whole time, would you have gone? Amazing how things work out though, you had a great weekend, Ed did great (not sure Kevin would have handled it as well) and Sydney did just fine. Way to go!

Raina and Andy said...

cute post. by the way -your bath tub looks WAY cleaner than ours ;) hahahahaha. Love her in the bathtub. takes my breath away. i need to see her. RR

jessica said...

Great pictures! Sydney is growing too fast!

gschneider said...

We love this picture. Syd is soooo cute. Her smile is perfectly flat! But so much emotion :) or :|

Anonymous said...

She's not the boss of you! Ha! :) Glad you're getting back to normal. She is one determined little cookie. That will serve her well in the future. Cutie! Love the tub pictures. Wish I could put the brakes on for you, but very cute to see Henry in the big brother role.



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