Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A feeling...

As I said earlier today...
This past weekend I escaped active mama duty and surrounded myself in the quaint New England autumn country side, with other mamas who strive to make the most out of this season of our life.  The experience was breathtaking, stressful, overwhelming, eye opening, relaxing, rejuvenating, and met all my expectations. 

I had friends that told me that when I returned they wanted to have lunch and hear about everything I learned.  My friend Sarah had friends say the same thing.  Both of us looked at each other mid-retreat and wondered what we would exactly share.  It wasn't about gaining a plethora of crockpot recipes, kid activities, and answers to your worst discipline issues.  It was more about settling in with your thoughts and wishes for motherhood, letting yourself be honest about the hard parts, while realizing that you aren't alone.  It was about a feeling. 

And it was THAT feeling that had me yearning to attend one of the POWER OF MOM retreats.  Overall, I think I do a pretty dang good job at being home with my kids.  I survive the tough moments, I thrive some days, I feel in a rut many other days, but I always wake up hoping for a better day.  But I also lack the joy many days.  And if I asked my kids...does mama like being a mama...there are moments when I wonder what their answer would be. 

Walking away from the retreat this weekend I felt like I had once again found that feeling of peace over my season in life.  My job, that I chose, to be a mother to my three children.  I walked away realizing how lucky I am, how "magical the mundane" can be, and how gracious I should be over the little things.  I realized how quickly this time changes and passes and how looking my children in the eyes when they talk to me, hugging them more, and telling them in the silliest of ways how they are special can change living as a mother on the brink to enjoying the ride. 

I once again was reminded that the most valuable resource you have as a mother are your own children.  They provide so much information as you learn and grow. I realized that  YOU are the PERFECT mother for your children.  Are you a perfect mom - heck no.  There is no such thing.  BUT, there it is a fact that YOU and you alone are the perfect mom for YOUR OWN children.  And what you are doing, if you are being deliberate and thoughtful in your parenting, is exactly what they need. 

The other resource that I would consider priceless are the other women and mothers in your life.  Having family, friends real and virtual, and acquaintances that you can gather with, share with, celebrate with, escape with, and reflect with - make the worst days and the best days worth it. 

This weekend was full of moments that I know will impact our family in magnificent ways.  And I hope to share more with you as time passes.  But for now...smile more, breathe deeply, give yourself moments during the day, and take each day as it comes.  Because being a mom is an awesome and overwhelming job.  And the fact that you pause and think about how you are doing it makes you a GREAT mom.

And keep in the back of your mind...

If someone asked your children if their mama loved being a mama...what would they say?


The Tompkins Family said...

This is beautiful.

Danifred said...

I loved reading this. I think I worry every single day of my life if I'm enough of a mom for my children.


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