Thursday, October 6, 2011

Are you ready for me to ramble....

I need to share some random are you ready.
Because here we go.

When I talk to my mom, in the evening, on nights when Ed works late, and I have had very little adult interaction...this is what she gets from me.  And quite possibly she might put the phone down and eat dinner while I babble on...but I don't think so.  Because she always gives supportive responses.  OR the nights that Ed gets home on time, after the kids are all in bed, and about an hour after we have settled into whatever we are going to do with the last hour of our day...I will come downstairs and stand, literally stand, in front of Ed...sometimes between the him and the TV.   And I will ramble...just like this...

- Henry has had a hard time with drop off for Preschool the last three class times.  It breaks my heart and has me leaving in tears.  He has a great time when I pick him up.  But the drop off is miserable.  At first I thought it was because grandma was here.  But now...I just don't know.  There is a small part of me that grows with each drop off...that makes me feel like I should just pull him out and wait until next year.  But he is all smiles when I pick him up.  So maybe I just need to up my bribe or pull up my big mama pants and suck it up...that drop off might be tough...but it is worth it.

-Sydney is eating those puffs and those little yogurt bites.  She loves them. 

-I am going on a get away to the Boston area at the end of October with a friend.  It will be 3 nights away and span four days.  I have 5 bottles pumped so far.  I am freaking out because I didn't realize that it is only about two weeks away.  I am also SO SCARED that she is going to wean while we are apart.  I want to nurse her a full year...through the flu season.  I want to be in control of when we wean...not have it be something that is forced. 

-The last month has been non-stop.  We have had very little down time.  We haven't seen some of our local friends and it is weighing heavily on my heart.  I keep thinking that next week it will be calmer...but it just doesn't seem to happen. 

-I am LOVING the pumpkin pie creamer...I add that into my latte and I have a heavenly treat.

-After the horrid drop off with Henry, we raced home and walked Charley to school.  Then I got Sydney down and I have had an hour so far of quiet.  WOO HOO!  This can make for a better mama!

-Fall break is coming soon and I CAN'T wait to have all three kids home during the day, during the week.  I really miss having control over our days.  When my mom was here it really bothered me that Charley wasn't hanging out with us all day.  Even though it was just great.  He was happy. We were happy.  It still bothered me.

-Charley doesn't wake up and say, "I can't wait for school today."  BUT, he did say to me and my mom that his school days go SO fast.  He said he feels like he gets there has lunch and it is time to go.  This is his way of saying, HE LOVES SCHOOL.

-I filled my candy jar with candy corn.  I think the other thought on Sydney weaning is that my no exercise, eat what I want, and lose weight system that I have going is going to end. 

-The unseasonably hot weather we have had this week has thrown off my wardrobe.  I can't wear my new jeans or sweater.  And I just bought Charley a bunch of new shirts and pants and he hasn't even wanted to try them on because it is too warm.

-Are you loving Modern Family?  We do.  It always makes me smile.

-I started a chore/responsibility/behavior routine with the boys a couple weeks ago.  I tweaked it yesterday so that they have morning and afternoon "Must dos" and after we see how they go for the next three weeks we will introduce the "Can dos" that they can earn by taking care of their must dos.  It involves an iPhone app.  My boys are all about that little gadget so I knew it would motivate them. 

-My photo wall is 85% complete.  I need a few more frames, a large frame hung (I couldn't hang that one on my own), and a few pictures to be ordered.  But I like it.  My next wall thought is  silhouettes of the kids heads.  I might attempt to do them myself.  We'll see.

-Sydney slept through the night last night.  But we left her music on ALL night long.  I have no idea if this helped or if it was just a fluke.  But I'll take it.  If I could get her to sleep through the night then the amount of pumping this cow has to do could be cut in half! 

-So many of my blog friends are in writing slumps.  It makes me feel like it isn't just me.  But that maybe we are all doing too much.  I kind of think that is my problem.  If I could slow down and make better choices with our commitments - the creative energy for blogging, playing, and cooking would return.

-It might be a double latte kind of day. 


Boys to school and Sydney naps.
Henry and I are going to work on his name this afternoon.  He is all about writing his H and E. 
Laundry to finish, fold, and put away.
More blogging.  I am feeling in the groove all of a sudden so keep checking and engage with comments so we can have a two way friendship!  I want to know what you would write for your Today:


Anonymous said...

Glad you are back at blogging. Smiled over the past week when there where no new blogs because I was hoping that meant you were enjoying your mom time. Love to have something new to read while I scarf lunch down at my desk! :)

5 Little Moberlys said...

Sometimes, I feel the same way. Cute blog by the way! ~ Sharea

Peggy, Jason, Lily and Connor said...

I am currently at this moment feeling like a jerk. I just went to the y and exercised for an hour and a half and the kids gOt whiny right away after it seemed so I felt like I was yelling nonstop until now..naptimes. Ugh.
Had a super fun super short surprise visit from my dad after kids lunch :)
Trying a new recipe..tofu parmesan bake.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back to blogging again. I always look forward to your posts!
We have also been enjoying walking to school on these last nice days, frost and snow are just around the corner I'm afraid.

Goings on at the Glenn's said...

good to hear from you. Yes I am one of those blog friends in a writing slump. I try to get at least a post or two in but nothing compared to what I used to do. That will be so much fun to go on a 4 day get away! I am jealous! Can't wait to see pictures of your picture wall.

Crystal said...

I'm in a blogging slump too - have lots to say but either don't have the time or just have too many pics to sort through. Plus sometimes I feel like no one really reads it much anyway, so why the rush? Ha ha!

Would love to hear about your new "must do" plan for your boys - am thinking of starting something similar for Peyton and if it involves the iPhone, he'd be all over it.

Have fun in Boston - I bet it's beautiful this time of year!

Heather (One Take On Life) said...

We do white noise for Maddy, have since she was a baby.
When I drop off for preschool I park and walk in, she doesn't like the drop off at the curb, freaks her out, tried that.
putting out decorations for fall, trying to get motivated to do stuff. Ordering a winter jacket for Maddy. And stumped for dinner, must be something fast, soccer tonight. In the mood to redecorate our house, must be the changing of the seasons.

CanadianMama said...

I was a little behind and read about your blogging slump. Then saw you posted three times in one day! Making up for it I guess hey :)

Chicken is/was having a hard time with the preschool drop off too. So I started to help him transition into the class. Today after doing shoes, two hugs and picking his name I was ready to help him choose his next activity BUT, he just said "okay, bye Mom". Which makes me think that he's getting it and the help for the last couple of weeks was good for him. Hopefully it gets easier for Henry too!!

Jen said...

I have been in a blogging slump for months!!! It's not because I have nothing to say. It drives me crazy that I think of blog posts all the time and just can't get the time or energy to type them out. I know that things will get easier once Zoe is sleeping at night when the boys sleep. That's when I usually have the chance to get on the computer.

My cousin is going through the same thing with dropping her son off at preschool but he's not happy when she picks him up either. I think if Charley's having a good time than it's probably worth it.

I LOVE modern family! I really look forward to watching it every week. I know I'll get some good laughs and I love the characters so much.

Have a great time in Boston! If you all make your way up to Portland than give me a shout out!

I can't wait to see photos of your photo wall! I'm tired of the one I did a couple years ago and I'd like to take them down and make a bigger one in our family room.

Shannon said...

Sarah, It made me smile when I read your rambling... I find myself doing much of the same when my hubby comes home. Glad you're back, I love your thoughts!

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

Love that they love school...dropoffs can be tricky, but if you stay consistent I'm sure they'll get better!

I babble much. Good thing Husband is a bigger talker than I.

Love Modern Family.

Gotta get on a photo wall...pronto! I just say an awesome idea for silhouettes...gotta get on that too!


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