Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bonus moments of joy that come from sadness...

We recently travelled to Wisconsin to celebrate my grandpa's life.  It is amazing how the sad tragedy of losing someone can often gift you with the bonus of seeing loved ones and family that you don't get to see all the time.  There was a BIG part of me that was bothered by some of the fun and laughter that was had during the funeral event.  However, there is a part of me that loves that families come together to enjoy each others company and lean on each other during these sad times in life.

My dad wanted to hold Sydney every chance he got.  He is great with little ones.  I remember sitting in my Grandma Dort's basement watching my dad balance my little cousin Emma on his knee.  He had her on her tummy, laying across his leg that was propped up on his other knee.  It was at that moment that I knew he loved babies.  I remember it.  vividly.  Sydney enjoyed being passed from Grandpa Bob... Uncle Greg who lives too far away for our liking.  I know he loves seeing the kids and is always amazed at how much they grow and learn from visit to visit.  He travelled Europe all summer ...So she was a bit more of a Miss Sydney this time around.  And we are all gearing up to think of Uncle Greg as a husband to a new Aunt Liz.

After Uncle Greg, Sydney got to snuggle with her Aunt Raina...who is expecting her second little bean this February.  With the holidays - that is going to come before we all know it. 

And she always has splendid chats with her Grandma Barb.  Look at her watch Grandma tell her something.
Grandma Barb came to visit two days after the funeral.  She had booked a flight months ago to come.  How perfectly timed her trip was for me.  It was nice to spend time with her after losing my grandpa. 

While she was here Miss Sydney stayed up late one night.  She was pretty wound up.  Happy.  Talking.  Wanting to play.  And Grandma Barb worked really hard on getting Sydney to say "mama."  Sydney would watch.  And watch.  And then she would make the mmmm face.  And then out would come "mama."  She did it many times that night.  Not so much after that.  But boy howdy was it fun while it lasted.  How dumb that I didn't take pictures or better yet a video. 

Seriously.  I am coming out of a fog here. 

I am always looking for the good that comes out of the bad.  And time with family, especially when you are 8 months old and absorbing everything around you, is so freakin' precious. 


Jen said...

I'm sorry for your loss. Grandparents are so special. It seems like they know how to love unconditionally.

Do you ever watch Dr.Oz? I catch it sometimes and last week there was an episode on near death experiences and it made me feel a little better about death and about losing loved ones. I've been thinking about it a lot lately because my grandmother has come very close a few times this month.

Amy Maslowski said...

I really like funerals, too. I know that's weird to say. I won't say I like all funerals, but I do find ones for people who have lived good lives (especially long, good lives) to be wonderful experiences. I am not sure what it is--maybe it's that people feel vulnerable or maybe that sadness makes people open up more or . . . but, moments and stories and love is shared at funerals in ways not done anywhere else. I usually leave them emotionally wiped out, but with a fullness in my heart for those I spent the time with as well as for those I have lost. I am sure your Grandpa's funeral was filled with love and a genuine celebration for the life he led and for the amazing lives he left behind and touched. What a blessing!


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