Wednesday, September 7, 2011

How Henry survived.

Henry survived his first day.
On the walk home we found a furry orange and black caterpillar. 
We nailed holes in the lid.
We found it a milk weed leaf. 
And we have a new centerpiece on our kitchen table.
It was just the right excitement for our morning.

At lunch I let him choose what we would have.
He wanted scrambled eggs.  He helped beat them.  Make the toast.
Slice the strawberries.  And he chose to sit in Charley's chair.
I am trying my hardest to sit with him at lunch.  So far we are two for two.  I am used to letting the two of them enjoy their lunch and I take advantage of throwing in a load of laundry or unloading the dishwasher.

Somewhere I hear about this new toy.  I ordered was only $10.  It proved to be a fun purchase.  It arrived yesterday in the mail.  It helped make the afternoon a little exciting. 
It is called a dino popper and it shoots the ball a good ways! 

Today our morning seemed a wee bit more smooth.  At least my emotions were far more stable.
We got out the door timely.  Henry, Sydney, and I went to a friends for a quick visit.  And this afternoon Henry had quiet time in Charley's top bunk with some books for 30 minutes.  It went perfectly. 
Today wasn't about watching the clock.
Today was about starting to feel normal.



Eclipsed said...

Sounds like he did a lot more than survive. It sounds like he had an awesome day with his mama! He really is just way too cute.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a perfect day. :)



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