Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Are you ready for some...

Next week these two will be classmates.  This week they once again share a picnic blanket, sitting side by side, playing their mama's phones.  Angry Birds....I think.  They were fans during the soccer seasons.  This year though, their brothers are playing flag football.  And while their mama's chat.  They are also biting their nails.  Praying that no one gets hurt.  I think two boys cried this week.  Charley said one or two cried last week - but not to worry "I was lucky mom." 

Watch this play...Charley is over there on the right.  I couldn't find his jersey.  Yes, using the three kid excuse over here tonight.  And the emotionally drained from the first day of school.  And the just got back from a trip and laundry is all over the place.  When really, I am just disorganized.  Back to the play.  
The set up.
The pass.
from here I can not give a play by play because I don't know the proper football talk.
But he looks good...and over there on the right is his friend Talon...and I think he looks impressed or encouraging.
He looks like he is on his way!
Sydney yells touchdown.  Or she is trying to play peek a boo.  Or she is trying to show Charley that she has her new binky blanket that her mama and mother in law designed, picked out fabric, and sewed.   And I mean that my mother in law sewed it.  She made two.  So one can be washed and ready to go. 

And no it wasn't a touch down.  Charley's flag got pulled.  And I was informed after the practice that I put on his belt backwards so it was difficult for his flags to get pulled off.  oops.  I am learning here. 
First game is on Saturday. 
Are you ready for some football?
I am trying to relax and just enjoy it.
Heck, he has a mouth guard in...so he's all good, right?
It is actually really cute to watch and I am super excited to let him have a try and see if he likes it. 


Grandma Charlie said...

Can't wait til Saturday to sit with you and bite my nails too! He looked good out there.

Been thinking about going into production: A bankie for my baby, and one more for the load...

Danifred said...

What an awesome set of pictures. I smiled my way through them!

Anonymous said...

Oh I love this!



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