Thursday, September 22, 2011

Embrace it.

Pottery Barn Lamp Shade - picture taken from website

I love living in the midwest for the fact that the seasons change.
Just as the boys start to lose interest in riding bikes, playing in the sandbox, and running through the sprinkler, the cool winds blow in and BAM! Fall is here. 

The leaves, the crisp air, the ability to play without feeling sweaty...revitalize the outdoor play.  The anticipation of playing in the snow.  The excitement of their first mug of hot cocoa.  All of this arrives at just the right time. 

And Fall has hit us early and hard with many days of cool temperatures.  I still know that we will probably have another day or week of warmer temps.  But for now the boys are needing their fleece jackets, socks with the running shoes, and jeans.

Many people complain about the end of summer.
But me - I embrace it.
I love the cozy morning latte - that warms.
I love jeans and a sweater.
I love when the sun dips lower and dusk arrives earlier.
Bringing the boys in from outside to a warm house that smells like a home cooked meal.  When it is cooler I am much more motivated to cook and bake.
Their bodies tire earlier.  It is more natural to snuggle in to bed a wee bit earlier.
Lamps are flicked on.  A glass of wine is poured.  A candle is lit.
And the pressure is off to go out and push our bodys a wee bit harder since it is so beautiful out.  Instead, we can curl up and read together, play a board game, and enjoy each other.

Don't get me wrong - it takes a while to adjust to the less running around and the more cozy-ing in.  But I find that my mood is calmer and that transfers to them.

So as fall arrives - slowly or abruptly- in your neck of the woods...I challenge you to embrace it.  Find the glory in the shorter days. 

What is your favorite thing about far?

Here are a few of mine...

Feeding:  The brothers have each taken a stab at getting some num nums in Miss Sydney's mouth. 

Fall Football weekends:  Charley is learning slowly.  I do think football is harder for these little guys to know where to stand and what to do each play.  But it is darn cute.  And he is having fun.

One weekend it was HOT.  The next it was COLD. 
Either way...there are fans cheering and watching Mr. Charley playing.

His football buddy T.

And in all my spare time I have been enjoying some Simply Apple Cider warmed with a little whipped topping.  And the book that I am enjoying is this one. 


Goings on at the Glenn's said...

I love me some Fall too!

Cara R. said...

WOWZA! I didn't know the Eyres' had written a book about entitlement. I read several of their awesome books when my oldest (now 17) was little. I will HAVE to get this new one. I wonder if it is available for Nook? Hmmmmm......


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