Wednesday, September 21, 2011

today we stay.

Today I am keeping my feet on the ground, my soul is feeling relaxed, my patience is miracuously present, and I am in charge.

We are supposed to be heading off to our morning class but my nose is runny and I look like hell.  So many say that the frost that recently took place helped their allergies.  Mine are WORSE or maybe it is a cold.  So we are staying put.  My goal is to not use the car today.  We will conquer laundry, bake, get something in the crock pot, enjoy a little Bert and Ernie, and look up how to sew patches on a tiger cub shirt.  I get to decide if it is better for us to go or stay.  And today we stay put.

Charley joined scouts and he is one enthusiastic scout at this point.  There are 7 little men in his den.  Ed grins and said he signed up to run the rocket day thingy. HA!  Love all of this.  Mainly, because I can just enjoy it from the sidelines...except for the patch sewing.  Yesterday in the car, Charley informed me that I would have to sew patches on his shirt.  I said, "Oh buddy, guess what, they make these nifty iron on things.  Mama can handle that."  But he has showed concern about the iron on things not staying put.  So I am determined to learn to sew a patch.  My mom comes in a week for a good many days.  So maybe she can show me her ways.  Otherwise, my MIL is always there too :)  He is supposed to go shopping for his shirt tonight...with dad.  But he was all crazy after the meeting last night and didn't fall asleep until 10.  So we'll see if he gets to shop tonight.

Homemade baby food has another plus.  When baby starts being able to handle thicker just don't have to add water to it, just thaw the cube and there you have it.  LOVE IT!  Sydney is picking up puffs and loving food these days.

She is also getting up on her knees and rockin'.  Soon she will be a crawlin'.  I am nervous about this change in our household.  Crumbs.  Legos.  Life is about to change.

I am working on a wall of frames/pictures.  Kinda excited about this.

At the moment Henry is busy with cars and Sydney with puffs....and I with the latte making shenanigans. 

I do finally feel more routine this week.  Henry got off to school without a hitch yesterday.  So proud of him.  There are no knew things this week.  Family dinner is in the works tonight.  The evenings are growing darker earlier and I actually embrace this.  It means hunkering down, cozing up, and letting our bodies relax a wee bit more.  I feel like I know what to expect this week and it makes me happy.

My mom is coming for a week.  And she and I have not even chatted about this.  But I am SO looking forward to it.  I love when she comes for long stays and just gets in our groove with us.  A run to target or sitting in the carpool lane is that much more enjoyable with a sidekick.  And with Charley at school and Henry at school she can have moments with Sydney, lunch with Charley, and maybe a special outing with Hank. 

Gearing up for a burst of blogging that is going to be out of control.  We'll see when and if it happens.  But I have so much to share and am feeling it.  So stay tuned.  I just need a moment or 60. 

And thank you all for the kind words and thoughts regarding my grandpa.  It continues to weigh heavy on my heart.


mrsmthdst said...

BADGE MAGIC is your FRIEND!!! I tried sewing, but it was HARD to sew on the badges (granted, I'm not a natural sewer)

I'm sorry for the loss of your grandpa. I still miss my granny who played Kings Korner with me.

I rarely comment, but I love your blog.

Theresa said...

I need to get your attitude about the early darkness. I told my husband today that despite it being almost 70 degrees out today I already feel seasonal affective disorder creeping in! Maybe this year I'll think of it your way - time to hunker down and relax. We'll see :)
Theresa (RRs friend...I think we know each other by now!)

Goings on at the Glenn's said...

for the patches all I can say is INVISIBLE THREAD! It is the best ever. You can find it at any Joannes or sewing store. It is just clear thread sort of like really really thin fishing wire. just zig zag stitch it around the edges and there you go. You don't even need to be perfect either. and the best part is you don't have to match the patch colors. My husband has been scout master for the past 4 yrs and is now a Webelos leader, so I have had my fill of sewing on patches, taking off patches, and sewing new ones on.


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