Tuesday, September 6, 2011

And we're off...

Charley's first day of preschool.
It seems like ages ago...it was.  He was 3 1/2. 

First day of first grade!

Charley was very excited this morning.  
Brother Henry was starting to realize the reality and at first refused to go outside for pictures.  
It was at this point that Charley broke down crying. 
He wanted a picture with his brother. 
I of course, reassured him that his camera obsessed mama would not let the little bugger get away with not getting his picture taken with his big brother.  

And here are all three!

Proud daddy that insists on being here for all these moments...
even though he knows his nutty wife will run around and boss everyone around throughout the whole ordeal. 
I am so glad he insists on being here.  His hugs before we left for school were needed.  I was a mess.  It just really bothers me to think that my 6 years with Charley, all ours, is over.  Even when he went to daycare those first two years...he was in a controlled environment of our choosing.  This is different.  We did not interview and pick his teacher.  We can't just switch the game plan midyear (well, not easily).  It isn't just about care and play.  This is it.  We just cross our fingers and hope and pray that we have given him the tools to begin his independent life journey of social, emotional, learning, and playing...all on his own.  

 On our walk home we ran into our neighbors who have both girls off to school.  The mom stays home these days.  And she was giddy.  Her smile was huge.  She was going home to shower and have a quiet cup of coffee.  Sydney was crying in the stroller.  She pointed out that I am back where Charley was when Henry was born with this year ahead.  And I pointed out that yes, I have not progressed any nearer to "elementary school empty nesting".  I have stalled out and am back with two kiddos at home.  And you know what...I am glad.  I am so excited for Charley.  And as soon as this new routine becomes normal...I know I will find that it is the new perfect for all of us. 
But for today, I swear that Henry and I just survived the day.  
We watched the clock. 
We puttered. 
We nourished ourselves. 
We played.
But we kept a close eye on the clock.
We anticipated getting our Charley back. 

This morning he was greeted with messages on our front driveway.  
May the force be with you.
We love you Charley!
A first grader lives here!
Good luck!

He brought his teacher daisies and a bag of chocolates.
A tradition.

She called this evening to check in and make sure he had a great day. 
This is something I used to do as a first grade teacher.  
I am one happy mama!

In his lunch he had a ham and cheese sandwich, some Cheetos, blueberries, and a fruit strip thingy. 
He also had a note that said, "Dear Charley, We love you.  We hope you are having a great first day.  May the force be with you this afternoon.  Love, Mama"
When I asked him who he sat by at lunch he said he didn't know any of the kids at the table.  I asked him if he talked or if he just ate.  He said he talked.  He started to laugh and get excited.  He explained that when he read the note to the boy sitting next to him they discussed "the force" and the boy didn't believe in it.  

Charley shared many details as the night wore on.  
He was a tired boy who made it through football practice.
We'll see what tomorrow brings. 

 The 2011-2012 school year is here!
And our first grader is in his element!


jessica said...

I was stalking your blog for this post! Even though my back to school post isn't coming today. Love the pictures, especially the second to the last one of the boys walking to school.

That is so nice that your teacher called, I have never heard of that...but I love it!

Grandma Charlie said...

Have been thinking of Charley and the rest of you all day; it sounds like the first of many happy school days for him. Thanks for sharing all those moments, Sarah!

gschneider said...

This is so cute. Huge backpack, brothers walking together, sister hardly held, and some great family smiles. Can't believe they're growing up, and I wish I was nearer...

Crystal said...

It's interesting to see Charley's preschool picture - when I look at him now, I don't think he and Henry look that much alike, but they definitely do based on his preschool picture.

I absolutely LOVE that picture of the boys walking to school (the second to last one). AWESOME! Seriously, you should enter that in a photo contest or something. So sweet.

Glad everybody made it through the first day!

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

Sarah, these pictures are to.die.for.

Love the tradition of the flowers/chocolates...sounds like he has an awesome teacher!

Danifred said...

What an exciting and fun day he had. I love the gesture of bringing flowers and chocolates to his teacher on the first day. Wonderful!

Barb said...

...ok, a few tears here as I enjoy all of this and take it into my heart.

shellycoulter said...

What a sweet post! You are such a good mama! :)

Anonymous said...

Can Charley be in my class in 8th grade so I get chocolates and flowers? I'd settle for just chocolate. :) Sounds like he had a great day! Oh, and like your 1st day photo spot. On our first day back I saw a poor high school boy cringing while getting his picture taken on his front steps...you'll have a way easier time out back. ;)



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