Sunday, September 4, 2011

Final Summer Bucket List update...

We got to last Wednesday and I asked Charley if there was anything he still really wanted to do this summer...given that we had a few things still on our summer bucket list.  He answered right away, "The Mall of America."  So we piled in the car and trekked there for a couple hours.  It was toddler Tuesday so that means you pay $12 for a ticket of 25 points...which was plenty for the boys.  So that was a good deal.  Henry rode some rides for the first time without me.  They had a nice time. 
Not my favorite kind of fun.  But gladly wanted to end the summer giving Charley the choice since he won't be as free to go here and there with school starting up. 

I have loved having the bucket list to conquer this summer.  It inspired me to do a few of the outings that I regret if I don't push myself to do them.  It gave me ideas on days when we weren't sure what to do.  I think we can say we did our list.  There were a few things that we missed and couldn't do.  But I feel like we replaced those things (camping, lightrail ride) with other really neat experiences (flying to grandmas, trip to Chicago, forts in the woods, etc.). 

So here is what I think will be our final bucket list update!

1. Go to the cottage
2. Go to Grandma Barb and Grandpa Bob's
3. Go to Grandma Charlie and Grandpa Ed's
4. Go to the beach
5. See fireworks
6. Go camping...we didn't do this yet.  Maybe this fall.  But we did take a family road trip to Chicago!
7. Go fishing
8. Zoo
9. Children's Museum
10. parade
11. sprinkler parks ( 1 2 )
12. Mall of America
13. Bonfire w/ s'mores
14. make rainbow pudding pops
15. go out for ice cream
16. Library adventures (visit 5 libraries 1 2 3 4 5 )
17. Pick strawberries...we missed this but we did hit the up north Children's museum this summer. 
18. Pick blueberries
19. Make pickles
20. Go to Lake Superior
21. picnic dinner
22. picnic lunch
23. feed the fish at pond
24. walk to the coffee shop...the coffee shop that we used to walk to closed before we could walk there this summer.  But I brought my latte maker to the cottage and sat in the quiet watching the lake and that was precious and yummy. 
25. water guns
26. Have lunch with daddy
27. Charley bakes on his own
28. Baseball on a field
29. Tennis on a court
30. Cent. Lakes
31. Lightrail to Min. falls for picnic - let's be honest, being a new mom of three...this wasn't going to happen.  But I did fly to my parent's with Sydney this month. And we took the metra in Chicago to see downtown.
32. Celebrate mom's birthday
33. Waterslide
34. Eat breakfast at picnic table
35. Have friends for waffles
36. Richard. Nature Center...this is typically a better fall activity.  We did however, go see the Visitor's center up at Grandma Charlie's 3 times and what an amazing place that is! 
37. Water balloons
38. See Cars Race...we didn't get there this year at the cottage...but we got to see the Packers play!
39. See Great Grandpa and Great Grandma
40. Ice Cream in Bayfield
41. Lunch at Skips
42. Ride on a boat
43. Sign up for Reading program at library
44. Hike at Cl. Lake...another fall activity.  We did make it to the beach here with a few friends though.  And while at Grandma Charlie's the boys spent plenty of time in the woods hiking around and building forts.
45. Community LT pool
46. Movie
47. Farmer's market
48. Candy shop
49. Send postcards (1 2 3 4 5)
50. Find a treasure at a garage sale


Shell said...

Wow, you really did manage to pack a lot in there!

Danifred said...

You did an amazing job with your summer bucket list. So many fun memories you made along the way!

Stepping On Cheerios said...

Awesome! I think I'm going to copy and save your list for next summer. I am really going to miss the lazy days.

The photo in the middle of the collage is my favorite!!!


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