Friday, August 19, 2011

Sprinkler Success 101


On any given hot summer day I might suggest setting up the sprinkler. 
At the start of summer the boys are excited...and the sprinkler fun lasts no more than 10 minutes.  

By mid summer I can suggest the sprinkler and I get a chorus of whiny NOs.  

But just last week, as we end the summer...we had a good hour of sprinkler fun. 
How did I get that to happen...
Well, first the power went off weeks ago. 
The neighbor's sprinklers that automatically usually go on at 5am now go on at 5pm. 
Have the grandson's visiting...
and BAM!  Off they go. 
Sad thing...automatic sprinklers turn off...
I hooked up our simple sprinkler and the fun continued. 

Spur of the moment, accidental sprinkler moments are the best ones! 

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