Saturday, August 20, 2011

Surviving Summer's end...and the bucket list update.

Summer keeps truckin' along. 
And it is coming to an end very soon.
I have HIGH expectations for us.
I have booked lots of fun for the next couple weeks.
And I am sad to see the summer of a 6 year old, three year old, and 6 month old coming to an end. 
But I am also REALLY REALLY excited for the new routine. 
Space.  And new experiences.

And the bickering, romping, whining, and crabby pants are in full force here.
So to keep things fresh...let me remind you that the simplest thing ...
taking an inside toy and moving it outside for an afternoon...can make a HUGE difference in everyone's day!  Seriously, the train on the big open driveway was a hit with my boys and all the neighbors.  Hip Hip Hooray!

Meanwhile, here is a little update on our summer bucket list.  
We are not going to accomplish everything on this list.  But with each item we are not going to cross off I will be updating you with our replacement activity.  Because we have had some fun surprises!  Many of which are still coming up in the next 3 weeks!

1. Go to the cottage
2. Go to Grandma Barb and Grandpa Bob's
3. Go to Grandma Charlie and Grandpa Ed's
4. Go to the beach
5. See fireworks
6. Go camping
7. Go fishing
8. Zoo
9. Children's Museum
10. parade
11. sprinkler parks ( 1 2 )
12. Mall of America
13. Bonfire w/ s'mores
14. make rainbow pudding pops
15. go out for ice cream
16. Library adventures (visit 5 libraries 1 2 3 4 5 )
17. Pick strawberries
18. Pick blueberries
19. Make pickles
20. Go to Lake Superior
21. picnic dinner
22. picnic lunch
23. feed the fish at pond
24. walk to the coffee shop
25. water guns
26. Have lunch with daddy
27. Charley bakes on his own
28. Baseball on a field
29. Tennis on a court
30. Cent. Lakes
31. Lightrail to Min. falls for picnic
32. Celebrate mom's birthday
33. Waterslide
34. Eat breakfast at picnic table
35. Have friends for waffles
36. Richard. Nature Center
37. Water balloons
38. See Cars Race
39. See Great Grandpa and Great Grandma
40. Ice Cream in Bayfield
41. Lunch at Skips
42. Ride on a boat
43. Sign up for Reading program at library
44. Hike at Cl. Lake
45. Community LT pool
46. Movie
47. Farmer's market
48. Candy shop
49. Send postcards (1 2 3 4 5)
50. Find a treasure at a garage sale

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Holy smokes, Sarah! You have done a ton on your list. Way to go!

I think you'll be crossing off #18 soon and I actually kind of like that you haven't done #12 yet... :)



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