Friday, August 19, 2011

I think they called each other ....

Last Saturday we had family picture at 9am. From there we ran errands and then headed to a friends for an overnight summer gathering. On Friday Ed called me midday asking what everyone will think if our family all showed up in matching colored shirts...since in the past I have had us all wear jeans and white shirts etc for our pictures. I assured him that I didn't plan our outfits to match this time.

Good thing, I think he already had made a call.   I think he had already planned to match his buddies.

These are two of Ed's best buds. He grew up with them. Went through the crazy college years. Lived with them out of college. They were in our wedding. He was involved in theirs. And they are still some of our favorite people to hang out with.

And there are kids around these days.  Like Miss Mallory...

But this gathering was kind of new.  The big kids were off doing their own one point it was too quiet and upon investigation they were found huddled around an iPhone watching Curious George (4 kids...ages 6, 6, 3, and 2).

But Miss Sydney was there playing with blue eyed dolls...

And being all cute and content, as usual.

Getting loved up by all around.

And when the kids go to bed, early and easy this time.  Then the gin and tonics, wine, and Honey Wiess are enjoyed with a little more ease.  Apples to Apples is played.  There are moments of deep conversation and moments of laughter. 

And we are so lucky to have these friends...and the others that weren't there this time. 


jessica said...

another set of great pictures!

Anonymous said...

So sad we weren't there. :( Can you photoshop us in to that awesome picture? :)


Kelly said...

I second Kim. We should do a big get-together...slap it on the calendar well in advance! :)


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