Monday, August 15, 2011

Our Henry

Last summer Henry was 2 1/2 years old.
It was last August that this little bugger stopped napping.
That threw this mama for a big old loop.
Charley napped until he was 4 or more.
I was the mama who could preach about bedtimes, naps, and all around how vital sleep was to little ones.
I still TOTALLY believe...but I can now say that each child is different.

Henry seems to need naps these days.
This fall I am hoping to get into a quiet time routine with him.
Whether he sleeps or just rests...fine by me.  I know his big brother will be ready for bed after the full days of school.

This character though, he isn't having any trouble growing.
He is wearing Charley's shoes from last year.
He is fast.
He is strong.
He is getting WAY too big. 
And in about one month he will become an official preschooler. 
Get out the kleenex box. 
 I think Miss Syd and I will be getting a big ol' donut and latte to drown our sorrows...and maybe celebrate the girl time we are going to have this year. 


Theresa said...

Oh how I can relate!!!

Barb said...

Grandpa Bob has said a couple of times how impressed he was with Henry and his patience while fishing. Just thought I'd throw that in. AND, when Henry came up to me at the cottage, out of nowhere, and said "Grandma, I need a hug", well I almost fell over. Dried my hands on the kitchen towel and we hugged tight - I'll never forget it.

Roz said...

Agreed on so many levels! Ben was the same kind of sleeper/napper (still is)...Lucien is hit or miss...but needs a nap most days. He'll start preschool in a month as well AND also jumped in shoe sizes and is wearing Ben's shoes from last year!
These boys grow fast!

Stepping On Cheerios said...

Muffin stopped napping early too. I think it's because they know there is action going on that they do not want to miss with their older siblings!

Henry will love Preschool I bet and you will love the time you get with that baby girl.


Anonymous said...

Same story here. Hannah seems to veto nap time as well. I'm really hoping that when school starts that the afternoon is sooooo boring for her that she'll take naps again.
She starts preschool soon too... It'll quite a difference to take out one baby to run errands vs. 3 kids :)

Hope you are enjoying the last bit of summer.


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