Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Grab a paddle...let's catch up...

The summer has been a bit like riding in a canoe...a steady speed, keeping everyone balanced with fun and sleep, allowing everyone a few tippy moments, but realizing that it was my paddle that was steering and keeping us in check.  And of course the life jackets...those would be our family, friends, routines, and home.

We have had about two weeks at home and now it is time to pack up and road trip it with the kids.  Soon we will ditch out on our hardworking daddy and go have fun with Grandma Charlie. 

We are gearing up for a family road trip that will involve my mom putting Syd to bed at a hotel ...which means the bottle NEEDS to be mastered.  And some self-soothing herself to sleep.  Syd's fingers are her life jacket in life these days and I need everyone to remind me that they are 150% worth it right now and that in 6 years when we are wrestling with breaking her of the habit...we will just know that the two finger self sooth gig she has going is priceless.   Last night Ed swooped in, scooped Miss Syd up, and off they went with a 4 oz. bottle.  He emerged, she chatted, and then she drifted off to slumber.  WOO HOO!  Green Bay looks like this mama will get to take part in a pregame with her most special boys.

Do you know that Hey Mama song by Matt Kearney (first song on my playlist at the bottom of my blog) is my absolute favorite song this summer.  And I get to review the weird is that!  So it arrived yesterday and we are enjoying those tunes.

Can I say again that when I go to bed at night I CAN'T wait to wake up and make my latte.  It truly has changed my mornings.  Another change that I am thinking of making is the boys morning routine.  I am thinking that when school starts the 7am rule will once again be in full force.  The boys will be bunked (I hope) and they will be set up with books and their reading lights and if hey wake before 7am they will be snuggled in with books until the magical 7 am hour.  This will give me a chance to start waking at 6 to a moment of quiet.  I think it will be something that will get our day off to a great start...and it will get some of Charley's reading time logged in. 

I have been thinking about mama language that I need to pay more attention to.  I want to say things like "Nice try but let's try that again." when they don't make a great choice the first time.  I want to use phrases that are more deliberate and peaceful...rather than what typically comes flying out of my mouth...typically coming from my gut, exploding out of my mouth, leaving me kicking myself for not reacting more calmly.   Do you have a phrase you are trying to use or that you have mastered that you are proud of...

My favorite moments this summer have been the last minute, totally spur of the moment mommy get togethers...that my boys delight in because their friends come along for the ride.  Whether it is for an hour or is nice to have those friends that just come over and make themselves at home or meet you for lunch at a park because they also love only having the breakfast dishes piled on the counter. 

This week, more than any other time this summer, have I come to the conclusion that Charley's first grade year is going to be wonderful for all of us.  Yesterday, he and I settled on our couch with the lunch menu for September and he had the biggest smile on his face as we read each day.  He circled three days in Septmeber that he wants to try hot lunch (shrimp poppers, foot long hotdog, and egg and cheese omlet with mini pancakes). 

The rest of the days I am determined to make his lunch.  I am excited to pack little surprises.  Keep him anticipating that moment of the day...and hopefully unzipping his lunch box will remind him that his mama loves him.  I am planning lunch box notes...anyone have any other ideas...

My mac laptop has had a face lift...a new hard drive has been installed.  I have more room for my was running out of room with my dslr picture files.  I have vowed to take more time to keep my pictures in check.  Since my camera takes pictures fast and furious I often times have a ton of pictures that are mess ups...which I need to take time to delete so they aren't eating up space.  I also need to just organize them and get some actual hard copies.  Anyone love Photoshop Elements? 

We had our family picture taken last Saturday.  Can't wait to see how those turned out.

Ed is home this morning as we switch internet/cable/phone companies. The boys are at each other and a little lost this morning.  I need to pack...but summer calls. 

My questions for you...

parenting phrases that work for you?
making school lunches fun?
Photoshop elements?

Canoe pictures from Cottage 2011 with Mr. Paul.


CanadianMama said...

Parenting phrase that works for me (most of the time haha): "I'm going to count to three and then my hands are going to help you".

Heather (One Take On Life) said...

I try to remind them to be kind. When my two aren't getting along, I remind them "let's be kind to one another."
Or I say things like "is that the way we do things in our house?"
But its hard in the heat of the moment for me to remember to keep my cool:)


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