Monday, August 15, 2011

The dock.

The Cottage dock continues to bring hours of enjoyment.  And every year the enjoyment found at the end of the dock changes.  There are years when ropes are used to tether rafts to the end so that we ladies can float and read without floating away.  There are years when the splashes that erupt as people jump in are refreshing.  There are years when the conversations are deep and memorable.  There are years when it is a wee bit cool and the fishermen see the end of the dock as they come head out or come in off the lake. 

This year both ends of the dock were hopping.  Mr. Paul and Grandpa Bob had their boats tied up and they were constantly giving rides and taking people fishing.  Charley enjoyed some jumps into the lake, before he came down with the swimmer's itch thing, boo :(  My mom was found reading and letting her feet dangle in the water. 

The other end of the dock, near the beach, was also a happening place.  It offered hours and hours of entertainment as everyone enjoyed catching minnows and crayfish and whatever else they could find.  Cousin Eli was the master at getting the itty bitty minnows out of the net and transferring them into the bucket of water. 

Next year we will have another little one who will be interested in what is getting scooped in the nets.  Miss Sydney will be right in there with the boys, I can just imagine.  We were so lucky to have Mr. Paul, Uncle Andy, Daddy, and mama helping find all the shore creatures this year. 

 Grandpa fixing Henry's line. 
Notice Henry was out without Charley.
This occurred more this week than ever. 
He was a bit of a different kid and I was so proud of him for enjoying his cottage week desires.

 Mr. Paul and the boys tackle boxes.


Heather (One Take On Life) said...

Bummer about swimmer's itch, we have never experienced that, but our dog has or something like it.
Sounds like your days were spent on the dock, gotta love that.

CanadianMama said...

Looks like so much fun!


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